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Title: Lewis & Clark in 2007
Post by: Seel on July 27, 2005, 12:59:53 am
My 60th birthday present to myself (some say it's to my wife) is to do the L&C in one trip. I've read the AC book "Bicycling the L&C Trail" three times already and wonder what kind of daily mileage I can realistically expect to accomplish. This trip is about the journey not the destination.

I am currently riding 125 miles/week (over three days)unloaded.

Any recommendations related to the L&C are greatly appreciated.

Not that I'm anxiuos to go - I've already started compiling my list of items! Categorically: Bike, Parts, Clothing, Shelter (Camping no motels), Food, and Misc.

Friends have asked, "How are you getting back home?" Didn't think of that till today. Amtrak seems like it might be a good way to slowly come back to reality (Dayton, OH).

"Seel" (Slow and Easy, Enjoying Life)

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Title: Lewis & Clark in 2007
Post by: Kelly on October 15, 2005, 09:12:26 pm
I rode the L&C  with Adventure Cycling this year. It is a great ride! We averaged 50 miles per day fully loaded. We had one day of 88 miles which was too far, even downhill. There were several times we passed by interesting historical sights to get to the evenings camp site.  If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me off list.


Title: Lewis & Clark in 2007
Post by: TheDaltonBoys on October 19, 2005, 10:49:45 am
Seel - when returning to base on Amtrak the big key factor is that to put your bike on board you must be at a station that has "baggage service". Amtrak sells a bicycle box ($10-$20) that only requires the handlebars turned sideways, not removed, and the pedals removed, then you just roll the bicycle in the box and Amtrak personnel load it in the baggage car. When getting off, same applies, the station where you are getting off must have baggage service. If you are on the train for over 24 hours (most likely), and you got the bucks get a small compartment that converts to a bunk for sleeping. With the purchase of the "higher" level of sleep capabilities you get free meals on the train and the chow is pretty good in the dining car. After doing the L&C trail, and even though the Amtrak "Coach" seats make airline coach seats seem medieval, you will appreciate the ability to get into the prone. Enjoy the voyage.......Mark of the Dalton Boys

Title: Lewis & Clark in 2007
Post by: TheDaltonBoys on October 19, 2005, 10:53:31 am
....and you might wish to consider pedalling back to Dayton???? Mark of the Dalton Boys