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Title: Club Jerseys
Post by: bike_E on September 07, 2008, 09:57:17 pm
Our club is purchasing new jerseys this year and I'm interested in hearing experiences of other clubs.  We have purchased in the past from Louis Garneau but their prices have gone up and may be out of our range.  

Anyone have good or bad experiences to share about any suppliers?

Title: Club Jerseys
Post by: cgarch on December 19, 2008, 05:48:27 pm
Suggest you consider Voler or Aussie. Both have great product. We've
used Voler ( for many years and are satisfied

Santa Rosa Cycling Club

Title: Re: Club Jerseys
Post by: lscheetz on July 16, 2009, 03:42:14 pm
We also bought jerseys from Garneau and we are considering other companies.  Be aware that the cut and size details differ from one manufacturer to another.  We were happy to get a significant sponsorship from a local HMO , health insurance company, for both buys and we hope to get teir contribution again.

Larry Scheetz