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Title: question for transam riders
Post by: blackberryhead on September 22, 2009, 01:20:49 am
what is the average age of people who do this bike this route. im curious because im doing it next year and im debating planning my own solo trip or joining the may self contained tour offered here. i am 18 and from what i see the majority of people who do this trip are fairly advanced in age. not that i have anything against old people, id just rather do it alone than with 10 people who are at completely different stages in their lives. but im also worried that i may be too young and or wont be able to plan it out well enough on my own.
Title: Re: question for transam riders
Post by: FredHiltz on September 22, 2009, 06:47:23 am
My experience has been to meet two big age groups: the youngsters taking a summer after high school or college and the retired folks. Few other people can take a long enough vacation. Were you looking during the school year? You might not see many of the first age group then.

Title: Re: question for transam riders
Post by: staehpj1 on September 22, 2009, 09:09:40 am
We met riders of all ages, but mostly either in their early 20's or 50-60's.  There some who were in their teens but most were with someone older usually a parent.  Nothing wrong with an 18 year old going alone though.

Don't sweat the planning too much.  If you manage to get to the start and a reasonable time of year, with reasonable gear, enough money, and the AC maps it will all fall into place.  Also I recommend doing it alone or with one or two friends and meeting folks along the way to camp or ride with if you want.  If you start at a "normal" time of year and direction of travel you will meet other riders.  That way you are not tied to or dependent on staying with a group, but will find friends along the way.
Title: Re: question for transam riders
Post by: tonythomson on September 22, 2009, 09:51:19 am
Hi BBH - a word of warning!  I did my first trip at 15 UK to Yugoslavia - anyone remember Yugoslavia!  On my own, once that travel bug gets you oh boy you are hooked.  So listen to the two guys above and go for it - I prefer alone.  Now 62 just finished Southern Tier and planning Florida to Vancouver next spring. You have a great time and encourage all you youngsters to travel.