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Title: Cycling Northern Queensland, Australia
Post by: mbeall5 on June 01, 2010, 07:14:50 pm
Hi, I'm planning my first cycling adventure around the Atherton Tablelands in Northern Queensland, and I was looking for any information that could help the planning process. I will be in the Cairns region from June 22nd- July 22nd. My main concern is transporting my bike. Would it be best to ship my own on the flight, or should I look to rent when I get there?
If anyone has any websites, articles that could assist me in touring Northern Queensland would be great.
thanks, Mike
Title: Re: Cycling Northern Queensland, Australia
Post by: 20kph on June 12, 2010, 10:52:03 pm
My wife and I have cycle toured in Australia three different times and enjoyed them all.  Been to Queensland, but only the the south from Brisbane to Frasier Island.  What made you choose this particular area?  Sounds rugged. 

As far as resources, I have a book called Bicycle Touring in Australia by Leigh Hemmings.  It is nearly 20 years old and is pretty limited in how helpful it is, but I do notice he has some recommendations for a route right in the location you're talking about. 

We love to take our own bikes, I can't imagine renting because I want everything to perform just so, but taking your own bikes comes with a little hassle and cost.  The last few trips we have used a box to take on the flight with us and it has worked out well.  Go to:
They are secure and sturdy, easy to handle and the airlines have not charged us (on the international leg anyway, domestically is a different story). 

We camp nearly the whole time but begin and end our trip in a motel and they have been happy to store our boxes while we have been away on our tour.  So that's an idea you might consider.   
Title: Re: Cycling Northern Queensland, Australia
Post by: Macbeth on July 05, 2010, 09:28:52 am

 My girlfriend amd I will be riding Cairns to Cooktown and back via the Bloomfield track from July 14th through 27th.... If you get this bfore then shoot m an email to