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General Discussion / checklist for bike purchase
« on: November 17, 2004, 11:26:06 pm »
I bet you will be happy with the Nor-wester.  I got mine 8-15-04.  I went through my LBS. Co-motion only has 3 dealers in Texas and I guess that is good.
For fit I talked to LBS as well as Dwan Shepard of Co-motion. He was very helpful about size of load, extending chainstay length, and recommendation of equipment,etc.  I chose the Co-pilot and my bike weighs 24 pounds. It is heavy duty enough for anything I do; the touring option standard tire is Continental Top Touring 700x32 and I am most impressed with the durability looks of the hubs, spokes, and rims. In addition to local rides and weekend trips, I have only done a 6 day, 350 mile trip but am looking forward to more. Enjoy.  

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