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Routes / Centrail Oregon/Sierra Cascades bike route conditions
« on: May 04, 2011, 06:58:34 am »
Hey guys,

My friend and I had originally planned a pretty sick bikepacking trip from Bend to Mt. Hood (climbing it), then south to the Three Sisters basically along the Sierra Cascades+McKenzie River Trail (climbing the sisters), then back to Bend. All the snow and rain we're hearing about is pretty concerning to us. WE NEED YOUR BETA!!!

What are the bike trail conditions between Bend and the Three Sisters?  We're looking at everything from Metolius-Windigo north to McKenzie Hwy.

Any reports on the McKenzie River Trail?

And thoughts or ideas on the snowpack on the Sierra-Cascades Route from Hood to McKenzie River?  We're supposed to be going from May 13-22 but we don't want to get stuck in snow on a high pass.

Alternately, what are the conditions on any of the Oregon Three Rivers routes? (besides McKenzie since I just asked that)

Please let us know!  I have to ship my bike today (Wed. May 4) to get it there in time with cushion.



I'm flying out of Atlanta and researching flying into either La Paz, Santa Cruz, Santiago, or Buenos Aires.  I have tried to look into shipping companies but haven't found any really favorable price quotes online.  I just felt like I was spinning my wheels and hoping to find someone who'd been touring in SA recently on this message board to point me in the best direction.  It seems like Avianca has the cheapest flights, which would work fine for me.  I've also talked to a guy before who said he always tells the airline he's carrying camera equipment in his bike box - that way he only pays an oversize fee, not the bike fee (which really makes no sense to me; why would you charge a separate bicycle fee for a large box that also qualifies for a simple oversize fee?!).  I'm trying to avoid couplings because by the time I do that and pay even a reasonable oversize fee, I might as well have carried the bike in a normal case.

Thanks!  Keep the experiential advice coming!

General Discussion / Bike touring in South America - getting there
« on: June 08, 2010, 08:23:28 am »
I'm very interested in doing some bike touring in South America.  The part that is driving me crazy is how expensive it seems to be to take a bike! :-[ I've had a hard time finding a lot of good first-hand information - does anyone have any personal experience shipping or flying with their bike to various spots in South America?  I think Avianca has the cheapest fees, but I'm not sure.  I'd just like to find out how much some other people have paid.



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