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Routes / Re: Any advice on cycle touring Quebec?
« on: June 20, 2010, 02:59:34 pm »

My wife and I rode the Veloroute d' Bluets around Lac-St-Jean last summer.  I speak some French and most people there speak some English (generally better than my French), so it worked out well.  Some people said they welcomed the opportunity to practice their English.  The route itself is nice, easy to follow, with either a dedicated cycling path/lane or a wide shoulder.

One highlight of the trip was the Val-Jalbert Ghost town.  This is a former lumber town that was deserted in the 1930s.  It looks pretty much like when the people moved out.  The waterfall that powered their mill is amazing.

Also, we drove to Tadoussac after our tour and took a whale watch in a 20 person Zodiac.  That was pretty incredible as thewhales would surface 30 ft from the boat. 

You should have a great trip.

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