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Urban Cycling / what bike do you use for pure urban ridin'?
« on: February 07, 2007, 03:00:42 pm »
I have an '80s lugged-steel Taiwanese road'ish frame that I actually rescued from the trash pile in front of someone's house, on trash day.  (I did ask first!) It was about 10 minutes from the landfill.  I put it together with mojo recycled parts: a road wheelset from an old bike, a hi-rise stem for $4.00 on ebay, a Performance close-out flat bar for $9.00, the small ring and crank from an old Shimano 600 set, and spacers and a BMX freewheel from my local shop.  Oh, clip-on fenders too.  Those were the most expensive parts on the whole thing.  It rides very nicely, it's smallish so it works out to be very heads-up with the flat bar and the gear (39x16) spins out at about 22 mph.  I put some chunky 700x32 close-out Performance tready tires on it for bomb-aroud curb protection.  Works great!

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