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Classifieds / FS 2006 TREK 520 - $1150 OBO
« on: March 30, 2007, 02:10:18 am »
did you sell this bike yet? what size is it?

Gear Talk / Stinky Panniers
« on: February 08, 2005, 02:31:12 am »
I pulled out 20 year old coated nylon panniers from deep storage and they have a familiar smell that I associate with aging coated nylon. It is not mildew and they have been quite dry all these years. The waterproof coating has a white patina over most of it. The smell is quite strong and it is similar to -brace yourself- vomit! No kidding. Can this smell be removed? Will it and the white stuff wash off? Is is a toxic substance resulting from the breakdown of the coating? All advise is appreciated. I'd hate to have to throw them away since I've only used them twice and am ready to tour again.

Routes / southern tier: summer ok? Credit Card ok?
« on: April 17, 2007, 05:17:33 pm »
Hi TulsaJohn, thanks for the insights. I am accustomed to low-humidity california but grew up in the high humidity Ohio and can deal with it. The high 90s may be too intense though. I think I will re-evaluate my choice of routes.

I am thinking of hotels, no camping. I want to cut my payload weight to a practical minimum.

This brings me to another question: is there a safe minimum of gear to bring to survive the possibility of needing to camp? For instance, a very minimal bug-proof shelter but no sleeping bag (considering the mild night temperatures)? or perhaps a very light sleeping bag? I am interested in how others have packed for credit card tours, where advance reservations aren't made.

Routes / southern tier: summer ok? Credit Card ok?
« on: April 13, 2007, 08:36:19 pm »
I'm considering a 3 week portion of the Southern Tier in June or July, Possibly Navasota Tx to Defuniak, FLa. Can you advise me on the temperatures I can expect, and Do you think it is possible to do this without camping gear?

Routes / Camping in Alberta and Montana
« on: August 22, 2005, 03:44:34 pm »
I rode the great parks north route this summer. The campsites through the Parks in Alberta were readily available and pleasant if not primitive. Everywhere I stayed had at least flush toilets and potable water. Bear lockers were provided.  I thought camping fees were quite high, as much as $21 CAN per site, which surprised and annoyed me.  I stayed in hostels in the parks as well for not much more$.  I suppose several parties to a site can split the cost but I was alone.  Bear sighting were rare and posted at the campground bulletin boards, and were not much to be concerned with other than taking the normal precautions and following the food storage rules.

Commercial campgrounds out of the parks from Radium Hot springs to Fernie were less expensive and included showers.  All places seemed to have a rule that no biker would be turned away.  I think I paid around $10.  Glacier National park was heavily visited but sites were reserved for bikers/hikers arriving at any hour so there was no need to compete. Fee was $5 US per head. Bear rules were the same. Commercial camping was cheap and pleasant in Montana as it was in Canada, and the mosquitoes were gone. I paid as little as $5. I had a whole huge (primitive: pit toilets and no water) fishing access campground to myself one night for just a few bucks.

If you plan to go to Yellowstone let me know. I have an earful for you.

Routes / Great Parks North Questions
« on: April 04, 2005, 06:12:28 am »
I'm studying the possibility of riding this route between Jasper and West Yellowstone in July, about 26 days or so, and have a few things on my mind:

What are the pros and cons of riding from north to south versus south to north?

I will be riding alone but looking forward to teaming up with others as the opportunities occur. Is one direction better than the other for that?

The National Parks are heavily visited in July. Do I need to reserve camping along the way, and how far in advance?

How does one fly and otherwise get to or from the Jasper end?

How does one fly and otherwise get to or from the West Yellowstone end? How many days of riding are needed to get to or from the Jackson Hole airport? Are there other options?

Routes / Where would you send me?
« on: February 15, 2005, 10:41:42 pm »
Nancy, your suggestion:

---ride up through Glacier Park and then head up to Canada---you could go up the Icefields or just explore southern BC--

sounds interesting! With your permission I'd like to pick your brain on this. Shall I email you?

Routes / Where would you send me?
« on: February 15, 2005, 06:01:00 am »
I have 30 days in the middle of the summer, say all of july, to tour, somewhere in the US or Canada. If you could send me on your favorite route, what would it be? Please give me your inspired advice. I only wish I had more time!

     "statitics tell me avg. temperatures are between 6-22°C (43-72°F i think) for me used to the moderate european climate this is the difference between January and August! So I am not sure how to interpret these data, do I simply have to expect everything? "

Jan, I think you are interpreting the data incorrectly. The range most like represents the average 24 hour temperature range, meaning the daytime high is 22 and the nightime low is 6.

My advice to you regarding the Rockies is that the seasons do change in September, ie; the beginning is summer and the end is autumn. I think it is more likely to be pleasant, even exceedingly so,until late in the month, than it is for the cold and rain to come early. I've seen both kinds of Septembers. The entire region and can and, especially the high altitude parks, will have sub-freezing nights. But that's a great part of the experience too. There may be aurora borealis.
Anyway the whole reagion has incredible stuff, from Glacier to the Grand Canyon. It will really knock your socks off.

General Discussion / favorite off the bike aspect
« on: August 12, 2005, 08:27:21 pm »
1. pizza
2. beer
3. women

General Discussion / FEAR! Leaving loaded bike outside.
« on: August 09, 2005, 12:01:09 am »

I was in small towns and national parks in Canada, Montana and Wyoming and never felt there was real risk of being ripped off. Nevertheless, I didnt leave my bike out of site for more than a few moments and it really was no trouble. I took the bike inside larger stores, or when there were more than a few people around outside, and made a point to park it by the cashier who would note who it belonged to. If I did leave it outside I took my handlebar bag with me. I have to report that a rider I met had had his valuable stolen from his handlebar bag in the few minutes he went inside a store, in Radium Hotsprings, BC.

I personally never felt paranoid or anxious about the matter because the atmosphere was generally reassuring and it seemed unlikely that those I saw would be interested in my panniers.

General Discussion / What gets confiscated at the airport...?
« on: August 08, 2005, 11:50:29 pm »
I, like others here, was anxious about my stove  and fuel bottle before I flew to Canada (and out of Wyoming later). But there was no question at all about the stove either time (I had broken down and thoroughly cleaned my stove and fuel bottle the night before and was prepared to answer "I have broken down and thoroughly cleaned my stove and fuel bottle" in a defensive tone if I were to be interogated) and it was at long last a non-issue.

But beware the following: The NTSA inspector opened my bike box(cardboard type, taped shut) for the inspection, he peaked and poked for 10 seconds, and then taped the box closed with one piece of tape. When I retrieved it later, the tape had popped open, and fortunately the tent, thermorest, tool kit, stove, helmet and other items had not fallen out. Lesson: make sure they do an adequate job taping!

General Discussion / Dogs & "Halt"
« on: May 17, 2005, 11:12:24 pm »
Please do explain why not to use a horn in Amish country.

General Discussion / TransAm with no training?
« on: April 30, 2005, 11:45:54 pm »
Max, should be a good plan if you have the discipline to start slowly, increase your mileage incrementally, and not push through pain during an endorphine high.

Not enough has been written on this page about the importance of your bike fit. No amount of pre-training will prevent the potential injuries due to a bad fit, injuries that can end your trip early. Small mal-adjustments are greatly magnified by the thousands of repetitions of riding.

When you get your bike, get a good neutral fit at a bike shop. This is far from the optimal venue to obtain this sophisticated procedure but it may be all you need for many miles or more (the alternative is a specialized sports med pro, often a PT, who does nothing but bike fitting/training. He analyses your stroke, bio-mechanical traits, and your bike. Riders with hard-to-solve- injuries and other riding obsessives often consult with them).

Get pedals with float (side to side free rotation) to avoid problems from a locked-in foot position.

Learn what you can about making fit adjustments just in case you end up out in the boonies with persistent and increasing knee or back pain. Remember that adjustment in saddle height, for-aft position, rotation, stem height, handlebar rotation, etc should be in millimeters and fractions of a degree of rotation. SMALL. Then give your body time to show improvement.

I hope you do well out there. Should be one of your life benchmarks.

General Discussion / Camping w/o a tent
« on: April 30, 2005, 10:45:22 pm »
I camped for years in all weather including snowy winter in only a tarp (it was a rain fly fitted with two poles and cords) and a visquine floor sheet.

REI makes a series of tents for which you can buy a "footprint", a floor sheet with gromets in the right places, so you can use that and the rain fly and the tent wands and not need the rest of the tent. That seems like an excellent light weight system. They have one such model that is only a footprint, wands, and fly. Even better.

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