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General Discussion / Re: Touring with an E-bike or G-bike?
« on: December 21, 2023, 12:08:23 am »
Sorry for the 'g-bike' confusion. I didn't know there was a company called G-Bike.

My state uses the 3 Class system. Class1&3 because they're PAS only are computer controlled electric motorized bicycles. Class 2 using a throttle can be either electric or gas powered but they are confined to the streets and roads. All 3 Classes have a 750 watt or 1 hp maximum power restriction.

To the best of my knowledge, anything outside of the 3 Class system's speed and power restrictions is something other than a 'legal' motorized bicycle.

General Discussion / Re: Touring with an E-bike or G-bike?
« on: November 08, 2023, 02:09:47 am »
G-bike meaning gas powered motorized bicycle as opposed to an e-bike, electric powered motorized bicycle.

I was curious if anyone has ever toured with a 'legal' motorized bicycle. Legal meaning a motorized bike that fits within the generally accepted Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 system. I believe all Classes have to be under 750 watts or 1 hp with Class 1&2 having a 20 mph speed max. Class 3 has a 28 mph max. Class 1&3 are pedal assist (PAS) only while Class 2 can be PAS and/or throttled.

The issue of recharging an e-bike's battery(s) when necessary. Fuel for g-bikes and maintenance for both. Only Class 1 is generally allowed on MUP's and bike-trails thus being able to travel roads and most bike-trails. With only 750w/1hp available how was performance fully loaded? At some point you'll be pedaling. How often, when, etc.? Store-bought e-bikes and g-bikes are significantly heavier than a regular bicycle.

General Discussion / Touring with an E-bike or G-bike?
« on: November 07, 2023, 08:11:52 pm »
Has anyone toured using an E-bike or G-bike? If so, how did that work out for you?

General Discussion / Re: Water?
« on: January 04, 2022, 08:58:23 pm »
Lots of great ideas and advice much of it for a greater traveler than I. What should I do?

With my limited daily mileage capability I'm leaning towards using my trailer. The trailer impacts the handling of my bike less than my bike laden with water and gear. I'm vaccinated and supposedly immune from hospitalization and death. But catching COVID on the trip would bring me 2 weeks of hell and would effectively end the trip. So I still plan to minimize contact with people.

The maximum water I could carry would be about 3 gallons or about 3 days worth. I would have the option to carry that much water if necessary or not. I'll bring a small filter and use it if necessary but will prefer to buy water when possible.

I'm trying to allow for the unexpected which will occur. I'm working on it.

General Discussion / Re: Water?
« on: January 01, 2022, 08:44:21 am »
Thanks again everyone for the input.

I'll try a water filter. They don't seem to do much for chemicals. I'll try it out on some day trips from different ground water sources and see how hard/practical it is to use, see how the water tastes and see if I can give myself the shits.

I'll also try to reposition and carry more water on the frame. But I don't want the handling or personality of the bike to be altered too much. Dragging a trailer seems less psychologically cumbersome than to much weight on the front end. I don't want to hate my bike.

General Discussion / Re: Water?
« on: December 29, 2021, 10:04:13 am »
Again, thanks everyone for the ideas and confidence. And I don't want to Google Earth the entire trip, talk myself out of it or destroy a serendipitous adventure with too much certainty.

Last summer I built a small collapsible 2-wheel trailer around the dimensions of a 24 bottle pack of water. Most of the trails will be limestone and the secondary roads will be 55 mph with no rideable shoulder. The trailer weights 14 lbs and will carry 25-30 lbs. After being out with the trailer a number of times I now question if I really want to be competing with traffic on a 2-lane road or riding on softer sections of trails with the trailer. I could disassemble the trailer and attach it to the bike if necessary but then what do I do with the water?

I'm vaccinated, boosted and wear a mask in public but I still plan on minimizing contact with people. In the past I've carried 2-16oz bottles of water on my fork, 2 on my frame and 2 in my bags. Minimum for a day. But that means by the end of each day I'll need to find water. And some days I'll use more water than other days.

I'll admit I'm a geezer and I hope I'm not making too much of this but I must have water.

General Discussion / Re: Water?
« on: December 28, 2021, 11:12:52 pm »
Are you going somewhere really remote, such as southern Argentina?

No, nothing that grand. I live in northern Illinois and I would like to ride to the Rockies. I'm planning a route that incorporates secondary roads and rail trails when possible.

Thanks everyone for your experience and suggestions. I have to be sure I'll have water when I need it. It's the main thing I'm having a problem with.

General Discussion / Water?
« on: December 28, 2021, 07:57:20 pm »
I've taken well-planned week long trips before but never across country. I'd like to make a longer trip.

In a cross country trip especially in remote areas what do you do about the daily need for water? My limited ability to carry adequate amounts of water along with the uncertainty of finding any supply has me worried.

I'd like to also mention I'm 73 (in reasonable shape). I travel steady but I travel slow, 7-8 mph.


Do you wear a mask while riding?

I don't particularly like wearing a mask while riding. I haven't been wearing a mask but I think I'll start wearing one. I see more and more cyclists on and off the trail wearing masks.

I'm unhappy with the homemade ones and the 'paper-ish' ones don't last. I don't like the restriction yet I want a mask that fits tightly. If you wear a mask and it was commercially purchased what brand or make was your mask? Are you satisfied with your mask? If you've tried wearing multiple styles and makes of masks which ones do you recommend and which ones are to be avoided and why?

Thanks for any input.

"That having been said, I do NOT want to get sick."

I'm with you UncaBuddha. At 72 with a quadruple bypass, if the Coronies get me, I'm out of here. Not good dying having fun or trying to be healthy. Seems a little counter-productive.

I'm trying to be safe. I've also picked-up a pair of tight fitting curved sunglasses for the occasion. I usually wear a small-rimmed cloth hat mainly as a sweat band and sun shade. But if I drop my hatted head, air tends to mushroom around me a little better avoiding my face. And I'm not opposed to riding a little wet, or when it's hot or when it's cold, for uncomfortable weather reduces the crowds.

But I'm not doing weekends or holidays anymore when people do gather more often. And if I'm out and about and I starting feeling uncomfortable or creeped-out with my surroundings, I'll turn it around or head in another direction.

Well, I got tired of riding around the block so I'm now back on my favorite rail-trail again but not everyday like I used to be. The crowds have subsided a little as people return to work and businesses partially open. The trail still has more than the former pre-Covid-19 amount of people traffic during the afternoons when I'm usually there. I'm still avoiding the more densely populated areas doing 10-1/2 miles instead of 14. I don't wear a mask while I'm riding be I do have a strategy.

On-coming people or cyclists are typically not a problem. I get over to the right as far as I can go, they to the left, then I hold my breath and look to the side as I go by. People walking in my lane are more troublesome. They're usually walking side by side instead of 6 feet apart inline as I approach. I give the 'on your left' alert well behind them and wait for them to move right. Some do, some don't. I give the alert again if I need to and wait. If they still won't move to the right I'll hold my breath and pass as far to the left as I can, sometimes on the grass.

Cyclists traveling fast are also not a problem. When I spot one approaching in my mirror I again hold my breath and turn away as they quickly pass. When they're 50-75 feet ahead I resume breathing. But slower multiple cyclists passing by are more problematic. They pass slowly taking longer than I can hold my breath. When I spot them coming I slow down to a crawl and hold my breath as long as I can while they're passing. When they're 50-75 feet ahead or more I resume my speed. Not wanting to breath in someone's slipstream is what I most want to avoid.

But the good part is I'm back out riding and enjoying myself with some new method to my madness. I keep telling myself, 'get used to it', it's the new norm. There are too many people in the world today interacting in too many different ways. Today it's Corona, tomorrow it'll be some other virus or something. We're just a too big of a food source to go untapped.

No problem Canalligators. I'm sure many share my situation and concerns.
You're right. When forced onto streets/roads I'm usually hugging the right edge. I'll cautiously try to move more towards the center. Many streets/roads are not that wide with poor or no shoulder. With oncoming traffic, some driver get impatient. Around here, drivers are supposed to pass with a minimum of 3 feet clearence but many don't.

I'm just an old casual cyclist but I've often wondered, how during the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, Vuelta a Espana, the riders drink plenty of fluids yet go hours without stopping?

Canalligators, it's more than just lane placement.

I wasn't going to mention this, but I'm old and I can't go very long without relieving myself. Along my 14 mile bike trail ride I have easy access to several porta-pottie's and restrooms and that's not counting most of the trail is wooded.

Riding streets and roads, it's not quite so convenient.

Thanks everyone.

Mid-afternoon for a ride on the trail works best for me. Mid-morning is more crowded. Early morning, late evening or night rides are out of the question. I'll check the trail periodically for congestion now that things might be easing.

In the meantime I'll ride my subdivision's boring low-traffic streets. Call me a wimp, but I really don't like and can't enjoy riding with vehicular traffic. Over the years I've gotten use to the comfort, safety and convenience of my MUP's. On roads I find myself constantly looking in my mirror and over my shoulder waiting to get clobbered.

Hi everyone.

On crowded MUPs/Bike Trails what are you doing to protect yourself while cycling? With everyone home, my regular/favorite bike trail has become extremely crowded especially near residential areas. And not eveyone is following the COVIC safety guidlines. It's gotten so bad that I don't care to use the trail.

I really can't enjoy cycling on the roads/streets with motor vehicle traffic buzzing around me. I have/use a COVID mask but find it unconfortable to wear all the time. My wife made me a quick on/off mask but then I'm continually putting it on/off. I need and want to ride my bike but haven't figured out a happy way to do it.

I suppose I could keep riding around my boring block but that's a poor substitute for my 14 mile daily bike trail ride I really enjoyed. I could pack up my bike and head to a remote distant trail but that's more effort and expense than riding from my driveway to my nearby trail everyday.

If you're like me, what are you doing for COVID cycling and safety?

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