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Routes / Re: Source for USBR GPS Data?
« on: August 02, 2016, 11:12:18 am »
Steve, you have (unfortunately) come upon the reality of how state DOTs choose to provide information on US Bicycle Routes.  There is a bit of a disconnect in that DOTs are not in the business of promotion but they possess all of the data you want.  The GIS software they use to create and maintain their maps is not something that consumers have access to and states are not in the habit of sharing data bases for these programs.  And if a state tourism bureau does consider itself to be in the role of promoting USBRs they sometimes don't have the skill set to create/share the data you want.

So you are back to OSM (which is very accurate regarding USBRs) or creating your own map with RWGPS.  I'm told that RWGPS is pretty easy to use but yes, it's going to take your time to create the maps you want.

Corridor 20 Implementation / Western Michigan USBR-20 update
« on: January 27, 2010, 01:46:04 pm »
I have made contacts and gotten promises of support from every governmental unit (cities, road commissions, parks and recreation commissions) in Midland, Isabella, Clare, Osceola, Lake, and Mason counties.  They all agree with the route (the Adventure Cycling Lake Erie Connector and North Lakes Manitowok alternate) as slightly modified in Ludington. 

We'll have to keep a log of when these resolutions actually get forwarded to Josh DeBruyn but everyone seems very supportive.

This is a highly detailed work process, and probably would work well for some states.  However, it may not be applicable in all cases for many reasons, and we need to let each state develop a process that works for them.  Readers of this forum should not assume that the process laid out here is somehow "official" or required.

Paul, where did this come from?  It sounds like a procedure developed by a DOT?  It appears to be oriented toward the activities within a state, but initial applications for a USBR will need to involve multiple states to establish specific routing.  Certainly there will be times when a lot of route work will need to take place within a state. 

I understand the desire to have a critical mass of organizations involved ("not less than 7 and not more than 11 municipalities") and the need to keep such a group to a manageable size, but in remote western state locations, 7 municipalities might cover 100s of miles, while in dense population areas, 11 communities might cover less than 25 miles.

So, this is not to call the process outlined as wrong, but rather to point out the need for flexibility.  As a template for groups working on route implementation, it has a lot to offer, but it should not be viewed as "the way."

(Nearly) each and every state could provide additional great routes that were "missed" in the creation of the corridor plan.  The plan has a route density that essentially guarantees that local riders will have suggestions to "fill in the gaps" in their area.  Of course, a state can have as many routes as they want within their borders. 

The corridor plan is aimed at connecting between states, not at identifying all the good possibilities within a state.  It will be up to each state to define the specific roads/trails that will be used for turning the corridors into actual routes, and the process exists to change the corridors as routes are implemented.  If states want more connections with adjoining states, they can work with their neighbors to do just that.

So, the process exists to change the corridors and for states to detail the routes as they see fit.  As implementation moves forward, there will be many changes (driven by the states) and opportunities for state level organizations to participate in the process.

Kerry Irons
Adventure Cycling Association

Corridor Plan Updates & Routing Within Corridors / Re: Minn Trails
« on: May 16, 2009, 07:35:25 pm »
Jackson County is right on the IA border on the western side of the state (two counties "in" from the SD state line).

Corridor Plan Updates & Routing Within Corridors / Tennesee route
« on: May 16, 2009, 07:32:08 pm »
Bruce Day has forwarded a route from Oak Ridge to Nashville, TN.  This segment is 68 miles and would likely fit in the USBR 80 corridor.  Over most of its length, it uses Tennesee SR 62.

Gear Talk / Rollers and trainers
« on: December 29, 2007, 08:09:54 pm »
You're getting some nonsense here regarding the challenge of riding rollers.  While it may take a few tries to get used to them (start out in a doorway so you can grab either side) there is no difficulty in reading (with a reading stand) or watching TV.  You can let a little air out of your tires to increase resistance.  The only thing you can't do on rollers is out of the saddle sprints, which probably needn't be a part of your off-season training anyway.  Most riders can benefit greatly (!!!!) from the skills they can develop riding the rollers.  Whether you get rollers or a trainer, be sure to get a couple of big window fans and turn them on high to get enough cooling or you might as well be riding in a sauna.

Routes / East coast...but wich one!?
« on: December 29, 2007, 07:55:54 pm »
Be aware that the ECG is designed to use roads as little as possible.  Though many sections are on the road, the goal of the route is to proved paths and trails so people don't have to ride on the road.  In many cities, the route uses sidewalks to avoid the road.

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