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International / Italy
« on: July 07, 2011, 11:41:23 am »
Does anyone know of a good source for bike maps of italy?

GPS & Digital Data Discussion / Edge 705 Problems
« on: September 19, 2010, 11:15:32 am »
I need help!
I am on a Southern Tier ride and was hoping to use my Garmin Edge 705 to help navigate. 
I have downloaded the ACA GPS files onto the device. 
Several Questions.
1.  most importantly, when i try to follow a file as a saved ride, the Garmin tells me to make a u turn at somewhat random, but frequent, intervals. What could be going on?  is there a directional element to the file?  in other words, i am going eastbound.  could the Garmin somehow think i am going westbound and therefore by confuse.  I have talked to both the Garmin and ACA tech support people and no one seems to understand what is going on.  i have checked the the waypoints are in the proper order - they are in fact going up as i look eastward.  Any ideas?
2.  the gps files downloaded as a series of files which contain lots of waypoints.  HO2200, HO2240, etc.  Do i have to select the saved ride that corresponds to where i am geographically, or will the device recognize where i am and automatically find the right file.  if i have to select the section i am currently riding in, how do i know when that section ends and i need to load up the next section (in other words, does it have a "border" of a file section and will it notify me in some way).
3.  i am using the Garmin software "Roadmap" as the way to look at the files on my computer.  is this the best software to be using.  it does not seem to me to be terribly user friendly.
Thanks so much for any light someone could shed on this.

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