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I am new to these forums, so if this is not the proper place to direct this question, please let me know how to do so.

I am riding the TransAm now, westbound, and noted this detour.  I am using the BC-1542-07 version of the Section 11 map, and was surprised to see that this detour is not on the route that my map shows.  In comparing with another rider, it looks like the route was changed at Vincent, KY between 2007 and 2009, and now runs south and uses US 421 instead of SR 399, SR 587, CR 1209, etc. 

How can I find out:
a) why the route changed?
b) how I would be made aware of such a fundamental change (I don't see it in the addenda for either the 07 or 09 map)?
c) would the old route be a viable way to go now to get around this detour?

Again, if there is a better place to be asking these questions, please let me know, but they got generated by your helpful detour report here.

Thank you!

General Discussion / PTS? Post Tour Syndrome?
« on: November 20, 2008, 07:18:24 am »
Absolutely, PTS is real!   There is a natural letdown when you get home.   You've been on the road for days, weeks, or months.   Every day on the road is a new adventure, filled with unknowns, new things to see, new people to meet, new challenges to overcome.   Life feels very, very full.   To come back suddenly from this to the "routine" cannot be expected to produce anything but a PTS reaction.

I do find that I need to be sensitive on my return when talking to people about the trip, to not overdo it.  One thing that has helped is the fact that I  journal my experiences daily during my rides, and so the people on my distribution list have generally followed the trip, some fairly intently.   When I return, rather than having to start from scratch in describing the trip, I am able to engage those who want to talk about it at a more substantial level.  That helps me with my transition back to real life, and I think those who are interested find it a rewarding conversation too.

But none of this prevents those occasional daydreams, when a particular memory from the trip just overtakes you.  Best you can do at those times is just sit back, remember, and enjoy!

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