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Routes / Ways to get out of Houston towards Southern Tier proper
« on: February 24, 2014, 02:15:30 pm »
Any route ideas on getting out of Houston?
I'm thinking of a nice Sping ride between Houston and New York.  The general route I have is Houston to St Francisville, LA.  Then along the the Natchez Trace to Tishimongo and the Underground Railway.  Turn east in Kentucky and follow the Trans Am into Virginia where I'll head north along the Atlantic Coast into NYC.
I want to start in Houston as has luggage service for bikes, but more importantly I really want to see the DeMenil art collection and the Rothko cathedral/temple/gallery.
I just hear horrible things about riding in such a physically large metro region.

Routes / Re: Best route from Vallejo to San Francisco
« on: February 17, 2014, 04:34:33 pm »
There are some good possibilities already given but would like to add a couple more.  Carla's suggestion of a Krebs map to be spot on.  I use the krebs maps for lots of short treks.
A possibility to get to the coast could be to cut out at Winters as Jamawani suggested.  It is a nice climb from Winters to Napa County but you can also head towards Fairfield and head out towards the coast from there.
From Fairfield you head out Rockville Rd to Suisun Valley Rd into Wooden Cross Rd.  Wooden Valley dead ends at Hwy 121 (a.k.a Monticello Rd) where you can make a left climb a tad and drop down into Napa Valley.  At the Silverado Trail, make a right maybe do a little wine tatsing, and finish the day at Bothe-Napa Park which is four miles past St. Helena along Hwy 29 and has a hiker-biker campsite.  If the dorught here doesn't change anything, the park has a swimming pool too.  Next day head out hwy 19 into and through Calistoga to hwy 128. Up 128 into Sonoma County following left on Alexander Valley Rd into Healdsburg. From healdsburg, head out towards River Rd (aka Hwy116) via Westside Rd.  River Rd dead ends at Jenner on Highway 1.  There is camping along along Hwy1, there is camping at some Sonoma Coast State Beaches as well as in Bodega Bay area.  From Bodega, you have a nice last day along Hwy 1 to Point Reyes Station, then wiggling through Marin County to san Francisco. 

Routes / questions on the southern tier and
« on: November 08, 2007, 05:20:13 pm »
Greetings everybody,

Has anyone ever rode the Southern tier in Winter?  I'm currently planning a trip beginning early Feb, 2008 and would love any information.

Originally I was going to see Europe but find the exchange rate scary right now.

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