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Bikecentennial / Re: Bikes that we used
« on: November 28, 2010, 09:11:51 pm »
1rst xUSA, self contained, e-w, 1982

Bike used:1972 Atala "Giro de' Atala" steel frame (straight)

It was completely rebuilt (except main-frame/fork)
Randonneir Handlebars, swan stem, grab-on padding, "Pro" Brooks saddle, weinmann side-pull brakes, sugino triple crank-set, ense(?) fenders, blackburn rackset (high, not low rider), and 1/4 x 27 inch tires
Re-commisioned to commuter, Stolen 1996...............

2nd xUSA, self contained, 2011

Bike Nash rebuild 1994 6000t steel chro-moly d/b (last tour 2004 east coast NJ -Maine) or
Bike Nash build 2009 Aluminum copy of Surly LHT
to continue........!

Gear Talk / Re: ToUrIng SHoEs
« on: November 17, 2010, 09:22:57 pm »
i tour with clipless SPD mountain shoes, have not gone back since +/-1995! I like how you can still walk around some while wearing them and the benefits of clipless peddles (float and energy transfer) outway standard shoe for me on the "longer hauls".

at camp/days end/rest days, switching to light weight running shoes is also uplifting change-event for me as well. It's good to get out of the shoes you were in all day. If need be, you can peddle the bike in these sneakers as well, like to dinner, movies, etc.

find what works best for you!

Gear Talk / GORE-tex- breathable jacket with Removable Hood- Still made?
« on: November 12, 2010, 09:31:37 pm »
I am at ends wit, been searching without answers......

I have a 1981 REI gore-tex jacket that lost all of its repellant and would not fit me now anyway (used riding x-USA 1982, x-Pa 1983, and all NSCA 1985) and is now retired!

In 1996 or '97 I got both Bike-Nash and Performance gore-tex jackets. I returned B-Nash and have continued to use Perfomance to this day. It is still h2o repellant but zipper is failing!

The point I am making here is:

-Of all the G-tex and breathable rainjackets I see designed for bicycling specific use, there is NO detachable rain hood. A rainhood is good to have when you are riding. Also, hood helps in the rain when at camp, walking, and hanging around after the days ride.

-Is there a new, improved way of not using a rainhood?

-Why has this attachment been removed from raingear being sold? 

-Even more important- Where can I get a yellow refective Gore-Tex (breathable) rain-jacket that has a Tail, zippered arm-pits, and a zippered, detachable hood???

I have been searching for quite some time and honestly am so thankfull of your responses in advance.

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