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Cycling Events / Re: bike tour Lhasa to Kathmandu
« on: January 02, 2011, 06:12:24 pm »
3 more spaces available, trip probably moved to July2011...

International / Re: Biking in China?
« on: December 31, 2010, 02:35:11 am »
From Shanghai some very nice biking can be done at moganshan about 1:30 hrs by car. This is also e beautifull place to spend weekends away from the city. there are muntain resorts and a very caracteristic Expatriate community up there, its ideal both for road and muntain bikes. 2 month ago I was there and at the Lodge ( there is a guy organising muntain bike tour, contact with them for more info. I am living in Hangzhou (45 min by train from Shanghai) wich is also quite a nice place to ride both road bikes and off road. You ride Muntainbike or roadbikes? let me know when you are in china. We can join on a moganshan tour if you want.

Cycling Events / bike tour Lhasa to Kathmandu
« on: December 22, 2010, 06:43:57 pm »
Hi Everybody,

I am organising a bike tour form Lhasa (Tibet) to kathmandu (Nepal). Its considered to be one of the most scenic and challenging bike tour in asia and it will take approximately 26 days. I would like to do it in the beginning of September 2011 (but im open to suggestion)...this is probably the best time to cycle at those altitudes and it will give the team chance to do appropriate training between now and September. Need a team of 5 bikers including 4 more. I guess if we rent a truck and not a jeep we can accomodate a few accompaning guests but im not sure.

Beeing foreigners Tibet rules state that we will need to be escorted by a turist guide at all times.

The below trip done with a truck help veicle that follow us at all times bringing havy loads and supplies + turist guide and driver will cost no more then 50000 about 10000RMB each based on 5 ppl, its about 1500USD per person. including everything exept flights Tibet visa and nepal visa and of course bikes and camping equipment and supplies...which we will have to bring. Note that this price is by far cheaper then any other offer I have found on the internet, ranging between 2400 to 4000 USD per pax.

It will be organised by a turist Angency here in China (where I live) that will provide you with all the information needed (including Visas, first aid, high altitude acclamitization).

Let me know if anyone is interested and we can talk it further.

Here below is the itinerary:

Day01: Arrival, pickup and transfer to hotel in Lhasa

Day02: Lhasa visit and acclimatize yourselves to the high altitude (We can get our Nepal Visa here)

Day03: Lhasa visit and acclimatize yourselves to the high altitude

Day04: Lhasa-50km-Chushur, Camp

Day05: Chushur-70km -Kampala Pass (4794)-Baidi, Camp

Day06: Baidi-70km-Karola (5045m)-Longma, Camp

Day07: Longma-70km-Gyantse, Hotel

Day08: Gyantse-90km- Shigatse, Hotel

Day09: Shigatse-60km- Geding, Camp

Day10: Geding-53km- Younongla Pass (4500m), Camp

Day11: Younongla-Lhatse (44km), Camp

Day12: Lhatse-30km- Sakya Monastery, Camp

Day13: Sakya-70km -Gyatsola Pass (5220m), Camp

Day14: Gyatsola-60km-Shegar, Camp

Day15: Shegar-30km-Wula (5200m), Camp

Day16: Wula-60km-Ronbuk, Camp

Day17: Ronbuk-8km-Base Camp

Day18: Base Camp-60km-Lunja

Day19: Lunja-30km-Tingri

Day20: Tingri-80km- Dongba, Camp

Day21: Dongba-60km- Lablungla Pass (5050m), Camp

Day22: Lablungla Pass-Nyalam (70km), Camp

Day23: Nyalam-Zhangmu (30km). Hotel

Day24: Zhangmu-Dolalghat (71km). Hotel ( On the other side of the friendship bridge we will find Nepal Customs)

Day25: Dolalghat-Kathmandu (70km). Hotel

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