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General Discussion / Re: Hard times
« on: September 06, 2010, 01:39:50 pm »
Actually the current "hard times" is what got me started touring. Although I invested a good deal of money in my bike and gear its way cheaper then a car. I'm currently unemployed and am going to spend the next year or so touring the country.
I'm currently living on the road since May 1, 2010 and finding work difficult. My plans are to pedal and find work where ever possible. However I refuse to visit large cities where there is thousands of unemployed. I'm strictly pedaling through the rural parts of the states I travel through.. Currently leaving the Lousiana Texas area around September 15th or 20th heading towards the VA Beach area. After Thanksgiving I will pedal towards the Homestead Florida area and then decide weather to hit the western side of Florida near Marco Island area or towards the lower Keys on the east.

General Discussion / Re: getting work while pedaling across the USA
« on: August 20, 2010, 05:08:32 pm »
thanks for the replies. My past history from hitch-hiking across the usa for years back in 74-76 taught me a lot about being presentable. I've also pedaled across the usa solo back in 98. My most recent hitch-hiking was October 2009. Calexico, California to Richmond, Virginia. 9 days with 2 day layover in Los Lunas, NM. Pedaling is the next level up from hitch-hiking. For those of you trying to under my questions regarding finding work while pedaling. Once your out there and your trying to budget you money for food for fuel. There comes a time that finding work is important. Remember if you haven't experienced living on the road it's a wonderful life experience that teaches a person compassion and a better understanding of oneself and others who have nothing at all. I'm a lifetime cyclist however this time I'm trying to make my life a more free flowing choice. Not a time constrained or money budgeted ride.
Regarding temp companies. that is a approach reserved for the city riders. I stay out of large cities after years of hitch-hiking or pedaling through them. The beauty is in the towns and wide open road.
Jean Andre Vallery
Adventure Cycling Lifetime Member

General Discussion / Re: getting work while pedaling across the USA
« on: August 08, 2010, 11:54:38 am »
I made it as far as western Louisanna before running out of money. I found a job at one of those tabacco and beer stores cooking cracklins. I've been working since late june and have saved around 300$ USD and will be pedaling out of here in the middle of september. The community is very friendly and working outside in the heat has help to keep my body ready for more humid weather as I travel towards the Virgina Coast then down to Key West. So as before If anyone has day work for money or food please contact me. I'm also willing to work for anyone who needs asag driver for and direction across the states or across the usa. Clean drivers license and valid passport.
Living on the road makes apearson aware of the times we live in. the unemployment and the homeless is everywhere. Reading the grapes of wrath for now.
Jean Andre Vallery
Lifetime Member

I'm on the road with a garmin etrek hxc wanting to place info of travels on my wordpress website. Help me to understand how to use your application.
Jean Andre Vallery

General Discussion / Re: getting work while pedaling across the USA
« on: May 11, 2010, 10:53:49 pm »
Westinghouse thank you for your advise. Pedaling long distance doesn't require a employment counselor.
I only asked because there is always a positive approach to pedaling 50 or so miles in a day. If I roll into a town and find work because I asked on this forum great! I'm not going to stop asking.

rvklasson thanks for the reply. I send a email to the Phoenix chapter yesterday and was told that there needs to be a orientation before allowing people to volunteer. May orientations are filled up until June. So I should be in New Mexico or Texas by then. I'll check other larger cities that are in my path. I have a positive attitute and will continue to look for habitat for humanity or any other work.

back in 1999 I pedaled across the usa from San Diego California to Sarasota Florida. I chose to ride on the interstate in each state on the shoulder. I didn't camp but moteled it. Each state in the southern tier allows a bicycle rider to pedal on the shoulder of the interstate unless there is a parallel road. Except Louisiana and Florida
I'm currently on the road from Southern California to somewhere in the east. More likely the southern states. I'm using state highways and interstates.I'm leaving the northern part of Phoenix Arizona tomorrow for some more road miles.
This is my way of life as I know it. The only place I can find peace and quiet. I'm looking for work along the way but as of yet nothing has presented itself. I can post to my blog at when I get a chance to get free wireless.
Well enough about that. I'm heading for globe then highway 70 to Lordsburg, NM Maybe I'll see other riders. So far no one has passed my path. Back in 1999 I didn't see a single cross country rider.

Jean Andre Vallery

Just go and have fun. I'm out here looking for work and on the road pedaling across the USA. Currently in Phoenix trying to contact Habitat for humanity to volunteer at location's across the usa.
If anyone has any email contacts please post it here.
Jean Andre Vallery

General Discussion / getting work while pedaling across the USA
« on: May 10, 2010, 11:04:47 am »
I'm pedaling across the usa and would like to work with habitat for humanity and would like to pedal to diffirent locations and work. I don't have much money however I have a tent and camping gear. I'm currently sitting in a motel resting in Phoenix. Could anyone email me or send a contact link for me to start working to help others.
I went to the habitat for humanity website and still after 3 weeks on the road they haven't replied
Thank you
Jean Andre Vallery

General Discussion / Re: General Question
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:28:16 am »
that word fear is normal however forget about designing the tour. Just get out there and ride.
I left El Centro , Ca three weeks ago and I'm still having a great time. Regardless if I'm stuck alongside a freeway in the shade or stuck on a two lane road. It's all the same. There are cars and trucks. Enjoy the scenery the people or sell your bicycle and ride the bus. Fear, it is what it is! I'm still sitting in Phoenix trying to deciding to go to Tombstone or Globe
Jean Andre Vallery

General Discussion / Re: Who's on the road this May 2010?
« on: May 06, 2010, 06:29:50 am »
So far there hasn't been a single rider. From Blythe to Prescott Valley . Prescott Valley to Anthem on I-17. Anyone passing thru Phoenix on 5-6-2010? I should be there in the mid afternoon. Can't miss me I'm pulling a loaded bob trailer.
Jean Andre Vallery

General Discussion / Who's on the road this May 2010?
« on: April 19, 2010, 09:20:12 am »
Will I cross the path of any long distance riders heading east and south this time through the USA.?
Starting in Blythe, Ca. Time to be on the highway this time will be a extended stay. No end date for arrivals in any location. Contact me here or at my journal website  
Last trip I made back in 1999 I was 2 thirds across the usa before I saw one rider!
There has to be 100's out there! Right?

Jean Andre Vallery

Routes / Re: food and water on the southern tier
« on: January 16, 2009, 06:13:08 pm »
What I noticed was that including myself I left San Diego with to much weight. I suggest for the first day you travel light because it is a 70 mile climb to Jacumba from anywhere you start in San Diego. At Jacumba there is a 6 mile ride to the downhill grade of 6% of 13 miles until you get to level ground. I suggest you add water weight after that downhill section. If your equipped with panniers or pulling a trailer the handling is diffrent for both.
My experience going downhill pulling a bob was constant braking the whole way downhill

Connecting ACA Routes / From transamerica going south
« on: October 20, 2006, 07:54:18 pm »
go to warm showers list and inquire about assistance if available.

Jean Andre Vallery
Sarasota Florida

« on: October 24, 2006, 10:38:47 am »
thank you for the comments.
I wasn't aware of the 6 to 8 k in elevation prior to getting the bicycle. but bottom line is "I can" pedal those gears 52/42 but wanted some advice and I got what I asked for and more. Another life lesson "ask for it and get it"
Last time across doing this southern tier solo in june through july  1999 I didn't go the ac route because of a wildfire was blanketing the region along the ac route in arizona. I stayed on the 10.

Jean Andre Vallery
Sarasota Florida

« on: October 23, 2006, 06:25:48 pm »
I'm riding the southern tier next spring and purchased a 2007 trek 520 with the stock 52/42/30
I noticed a reply from badger about switching over to
48/39/24 . Could you possible tell me the location to purchase those gears? The local bicycle shops are mostly into tri and road riders and townie bikes.
I saw the reply also about the chain watcher and wanted to locate a online store to purchase it also.
I changed to rear cassette to a 12/34

Jean Andre Vallery
Sarasota Florida

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