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Gear Talk / Rivendell Atlantis-My New Website...
« on: June 03, 2004, 11:53:46 am »
Perhaps this may be of some help (or at least comic relief?), but I have documented the process of building up my first bicycle (mostly on my own) and all the Ups & Down that went along with it.

You can go  HERE  to read all about it.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Trails!! :)

General Discussion / Big Guy Frame
« on: June 24, 2004, 02:16:21 am »
Personally I would consider the Atlantis or the BG over the IF.

If you mash a lot you should consider 40 spoke hubs/wheelset if you are using 26" wheels.  48 spoke if you are using 700c.

You can't go wrong with Phil hubs.  For 26" wheels I would strongly recommend using Velocity Deep-V rims (40 spoke).  For 700c go with Sun Rhyno's (48).  For your BB a Shimano UN73/72 will suffice.  Depending on your touring needs I would suggest either the Sugino XD crankset or a Shimano Deore.
Suntour SE rear canti brake or Paul's Neo Retro and in the front either a Paul's Touring canti or Suntour X Pro canti... Shimano aero levers are always dependable and won't break anyones bank account.

On the Atlantis you won't need a headset as it comes with an Ultegra but otherwise I would recommend Chris King for threaded and FSA Orbit II XL for threadless.

The rest is fairly straight ahead... 9-speed RD, triple FD, cassette 11/12 or 13 for the small guys and 32 or 34 for the big un's!

Salsa Shaft seatposts offer fantastic angled positions.

And yes, if you go the BG route pay the xtra scratch for the heavy rider upgrade with bigger tubing.

2004 Rivendell Atlantis
2004 Thorn eXp
2004 Bob Brown Cycles Custom

General Discussion / Road Food
« on: June 03, 2004, 12:22:35 pm »
First off let me start by saying this Hoogie fella follows me everywhere I go on the Net!!  :p  (Hey Hoogy!!  Fellow Thornite!!)

Second- Gas station food is always a rough road to follow BUT there can (no pun intended!) be light at the end of the culinary tunnel.

Buy some Apples & a jar O' Peanut Butter... together in mouth they not only taste amazing BUT it's some powerful GO PEDAL food.

Go ahead and buy that can of Ravioli but also buy some Pita bread or at minimum a loaf of bread or better yet ask the clerk for a bun, roll or whatever they have for subs and the like (if they have a deli-counter).  Buy some shredded cheese or again get some from the counter...

back at camp take a little of Mr. Boyardee's best and mash a small layer onto your bread, sprinkle w/cheese cover her with another bread layer... insert into pan and brown on both sides.  It ain't the Four Seasons-not even Pizza Hut BUT, it's better than what was in that can by itself.

Think in layers, combinations...  for instance go into a Wendy's and stock up on A lot (I'm talking A LOT!) of their hot sauce packets(for their chili).  Buy yourself a fresh onion, bell pepper... chop both and saute for a few minutes with some oil back at camp.  Add H2O just covering the veggies and then squeeze about 10-15 packets of the packets in.... bring to a boil and let simmer for a few minutes.  With some bread you've made a good soup that's picante and full of flavor.  You have some beas to add in... all the better!

Last one for now... if you ever go to the trouble to have chicken at camp.  When cooking it in a pan add a can of Coke... delicious, when that stuff reduces down it loses a lot of its sugar and what's left is a thick, caramelized, just slightly sweet glaze that Southern Moms would die for.

2004 Rivendell Atlantis
2004 Thorn eXp
2004 Bob Brown Cycles Custom

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