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Gear Talk / Re: 1986 Miyata 610
« on: February 08, 2011, 06:00:57 pm »
You do have a touring bike! A mid-80's Miyata 610 is really one of the best mass-produced touring bikes around. Triple-butted tubing, plenty of braze-ons, triple crank, etc. You probably want to invest in a lower-geared freewheel (those came stock with a 6 speed 14-28), if the rear derailleur allows (and I think it probably does). I think you'll have a triple with a 28 tooth little ring if it's stock, might want to see if you can go a few teeth smaller. Nothing about modern components will make shifting smoother than a well-kept friction shifting drivetrain. I would take it to a bike shop you trust, hopefully one with some experience with touring bikes. You might be good to go with a 14-34 freewheel, some derailleur adjustments, and new grease. And racks and bags, of course.

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