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Gear Talk / Re: BOB skewers--do they break?
« on: April 08, 2011, 04:14:41 pm »
Hey there,

I cycled 4,700+ miles in 2009 from New Jersey down to southern
Virginia and then across the the United States along
the Transamerica bike route, ending in Oregon.
I used a B.O.B trailer, only needed one skewer the entire
way and brought extra pin(s) but never needed them.
Unless you're mailing the trailer/skewer, I would say you don't
need an extra one, but having it couldn't hurt either, except for
a little extra weight.  I'll be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year,
hopefully covering the entire 2,665 miles as long as I don't get injured
and what not.  Good luck on your journeys . . .
Dave Christofili "Synaptic Flow"

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