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Urban Cycling / boston ma!
« on: September 16, 2011, 12:18:55 pm »
after riding in some other citys i realized that the place i grew up was one of my favorite places to ride. the bike lanes have been opening up more and more and if you gotta commute durring the nice months it is very enjoyable. I worked on my bike for a short period and most days i could get across town in less than 20 minutes. but if its a scenic cruise you are looking for you got that too. there are bike paths all along the charles river on both sides. ride through harvard square. cruise through down town, newbery st, fenway. you can hit all that in one day no problem. but the most important thing in my eyes is safety. the drivers are very courteous, or maybe just very slow from all the traffic but i have not had any accidents. anyone else been through boston on a bike

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Gear Talk / Mystery recumbent
« on: July 12, 2011, 09:07:19 pm »
ok, so a few years ago a friend of mine picked up two of these bikes at a yard sale.
to date, one of my favorite bikes to just cruise on. yes it does look a liuttle beat up but trust me. very comfortable.
anyways, no one that is a bike enthusiest has been able to tell me who manufactured these. im guessing by the tubing it was made sometime in the mid to late 80s.
so if anyone out there that has knowlege of recumbent could tell me who made these and where i can get one i will be forever greatfull

i dont think he got too far. on the bright side if you make it more than 5 miles a day with that kind of gear you know you have a sturdy bike and you must be in good shape. i think the most i ever packed in my big bag (2 changes of clothes, and some other small things i didnt want in my pocket) was almost unbearable after the first 20 miles and reconsidered and thought about ditching half of it. but i guess the 3 pairs of sun glasses was nessesary.

steve intrepid handcycle and recumbent specialist

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