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Routes / Riding in NW California?
« on: March 09, 2004, 03:34:22 am »
I looped from S. Ore through Callahan, Cecilville, Somes Bar, Happy Camp, 3 years ago.  Little in the way of shoulders, but no problem since traffic is nearly non-existent.  Particularly on Cecilville section.  Riding Hwy 96 can have a fair amount of traffic, with large trucks (mostly logging) being regular.    Many roads are narrow, lots of climbs in and out of river canyons, surface excellent.  Don't count on services between Etna and Somes Bar.  What's there is VERY limited, and I found nothing open.  Beautiful country and great riding conditions.  Since you'll be close, one of my all time favorite rides is from Ft. Jones to Scott's Bar along the Scott River.  Sweet, sweet meandering 1 1/2 lane road and again no traffic.  Good campgrounds are available on all the routes.  They'll have potable water during peak summer months.  I used a bottle filter and river water as I rode the route in late Sept.  Also, it can be very hot (90 - 100) throughout that area well into Sept.  Enjoy!!

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