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I would like to get in touch with anyone who made the 1976 bicentennial ride.  I grew up just outside of Eminence, Mo out on 106 hwy along Shawnee Creek.  I have wonderful memories of the summer of 1976.  My two older sisters and myself, along with a couple neighbors girls set up a lemonade/cookie stand down by the creek and would eagerly wait for the bikers to come along.  The 1976 route went right by our house that sat along the banks of Shawnee Creek.  We had several bikers who would stop and visit/swim in the creek to get cooled off and yes, even purchase a cold cup of lemonade and chocolate nobake cookie from the barefoot country gals of south Missouri.  It was such a good experience for us and makin' a few cents for each of us was extra nice.  One of the bikers even gave us a frisbee...which was so special at the time.  I have 3 children now, youngest is soon to be 18.  But, when my children were little I would sit and tell them stories of all of the adventures of growing up on Shawnee. They would always ask..."momma, won't you please tell us stories of when you were a little girl"  I am 42 now and the memories are still vivid and special to me of that summer that so many bikers came through.   I am in the process of writing all of my little stories down to make a little booklet for my children.  Whew, now that I've probably over explained....I have a question......Is there anyone on here that was on that ride and remembers stopping at Shawnee Creek  or do you know how I could go about finding anyone who took that trip?  Thank you, Lisa

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