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Passed the slide in the second week of May.  You can pass after 6:30 pm when the construction crews go home or very early morning before they start.  We threw the panniers down a 100 ft cliff and slid down on our butts with rope and bike.  Crossing was difficult with carrying bike & panniers while many of the rocks were unstable. Not real safe. I was wearing Vibram five fingers which did not help.  We then found a rope on the south side to climb up while carrying the bikes and panniers.

 At the time the slides was still active.  If any rocks come down jump in the ocean! We were told that it was a federal offense to cross the slide.  $300 ticket if caught. Not sure how much is true since there seemed to be a lot of non or misinformation approaching the slide. However, we were told that town people often cross also.  The good news, the road is pretty much all yours.  Very few cars compared to normal so the best time to bicycle but cross at your own risk!

Stayed at Limekiln campground not too far from the slide.  We rolled in to a nice hotel $99 a night, Ragged Point with nice restaurant I think maybe 15 miles from the slide because it was dark.

Routes / La Route Verte
« on: December 04, 2008, 12:21:39 pm »
Geeg offers very good advice.

My tour started & ended in Quebec City.  I started on the north shore of the river and was exhausted after two days of cycling.  The best chocolate in the world is located in Les Eboulements! I did not make it to Saguenay and took the ferry over to Rivere-du-Loop from St Simeon.

The Gaspe Peninsula is very beautiful and the people are extremely friendly.  You can design a route because the train runs through the peninsula.  I was riding at sea level with the wind at my back from Parc-du-Bic to Riviere-la-Madeleine.  

There is a nice campground overlooking Perce Rock named Camping Cote Surprise.  

The southern portion of the Gaspe (Matepedia Valley) reminds me of the movie "A River Runs Through It"

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