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Be advised the Forest Road 25 south of Randle, WA is currently closed
for two reasons: bridge construction ~15 miles S of Randle
(the one crossing Benham Creek, scheduled to open in early
to mid July), and snow coverage (unknown when they will plow - we found it
Impassable at 1 mile S of Elk Pass - don't ask how we got past the out bridge headed SB).

Verified by me personally on Tuesday June 19.

According to ranger station info line , FR23 is also closed due to "damage" with no ETA.

So, we went on West to the I-5 corridor and finding another way South currently.

Am preparing to do the route North to South beginning June 8 at the Bellingham Amtrak station and while researching the route am comparing the original 1990 book route to the 2010 ACA route maps amongst other things.  I'm a fan of wild and scenic routing, esp. including gravel, and note in the book the original routing of the book from Ashland, OR West past the ski resort and into the Klamath National Forest to Hamburg, CA. This particular section looks really really interesting and beautiful, but from my experience elsewhere, sometimes following remote forest roads (and taking into account the occasional "disappeared" little brown vertical signage), does anyone know from more recent experience than 1990 if this section (Section 3-1 in the book) "still goes"?

I happen to have a copy of the 2007 Klamath National Forest official map and believe I can follow Bil's route from his book description on the USFS map,  but there have of course been road # changes in the intervening 22 years.  Once onto the main-drag 96, it's pretty easy to follow again.

If anyone has more recent actual experince riding this particular section, which could prove a little tricky, I'd love to hear about it.


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