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Thank you for the reply. I've narrowed it down to Big Bend or the Caprock Canyon Trailway.  both seem to offer the distances I want with he primitive camping experience .  Sam Houston is closer and more forest like what i want but so many of the trails are closed due to drought tree hazards and not sure if any will be open later when i take my vacation. 

I’m a resident of Houston Texas and want to do a cycling centric vacation but I’m having trouble finding resources or the type of vacation I want to have. I hope you can point me to a resource of a direction.

I’m beginning to think that what I want to do does not exist in Texas at all or without paying a company to provide it for me.

I want do a long off road ride with camping between ride sessions. I’m do not want to do a traditional road style touring ride. What I really looking to do is to go to a park and unload my bike and trailer up with my gear and do cross country riding for a half day to get to my camp site then camp. So far I really am striking out for this type of "adventure" in Texas and Louisiana. I'm looking for something like the Lone Star Trail but for cyclist. I live in Houston and really want to get away from cars so I don’t want to ride from camp ground to camp ground on a highway or even back roads touring style I would like to keep dirt and grass under my wheels as much as possible. I would like to stay in nature and be able to stop and take photographs and take my time.  I figure it would want to do 50-60 miles a day for a couple or three days.

Is there ANYTHING in Texas where this can be done without paying an outfitter? Is there someone you can point me to that may know?

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