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Gear Talk / Re: trailer for a telescope?
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:26:51 pm »
> Is this a totally crazy idea?  I'd like to build or buy and modify a trailer so that I can drag my telescope out to the campground
> with me when I go for an overnight.  The scope doesn't weigh anything, but the tube is 1.2 meters long.  Am I crazy to even
> try this? Can I put in enough shock absorption to not crack the mirror?  I'd love to hear from someone else who has attempted
> this.  I'm tired of driving to dark skies.

It is not so crazy to carry a telescope out into the field, but it is usually handled with a APO refractor telescope instead of a reflector telescope. Some scopes such as the Celestron C5 were actually designed for backpacking into the field. A company called HuTech sells Borg refractor telescopes and many have been hauled up mountain peaks, into jungles, on cross-continental biking tours.

I know of at least one photographer who hauls an 80mm William Optics doublet with him on tours because his Sony NEX-7 camera system currently has no long telephoto available for wildlife photography. He doesn't use a trailer though. The scope is carried within a partitioned Pelican case inserted inside one of his Ortlieb rollup panniers.

By tube length, I'm assuming you have a Newtonian. Aside from the primary mirror, you also have your secondary mirror and eyepieces to protect. You could probably remove the primary, secondary and eyepieces and store them in foam within a handlebar bag or inside a partitioned Pelican case. Then carry the telescope tube and mount on a trailer. This assumes that your mirrors are easy to remove, install and realign.

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