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Rocky Mountain / Highway 18 from St. George to Enterprise and back?
« on: February 12, 2014, 03:39:54 am »
I wanted to know if anyone could let me know how hard it would be to do a short bicycle/camping trip from St. George, UT to Enterprise snd back? I probably would use a bike trailer to haul the gear I would need and take a few days to get up to Enterpise. I have never done any type of long distance cycling, so I am not sure what to expect. I might consider do the ride in May of this year. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks  8)

If and when I ever do decide to do a bicycle tour, I think that have a trailer would be great to use. This appears to be a well built trailer. I treally haven't heard of the brand of name before until I googled bike trailer.  Does anyone know about bike trailers?  Please let me know. Thanks.  8)

Here is a bike trailer, that may also work too. Here is the website. Like I said in my previous post, I am not sure which type of trailer would be best.  8)

I am sure there are other trailer available, I still need to figure that out. It will be awhile before I event get one and even do a tour. Until then, I will still be searching.  8)

That tailer would be terrible for a bike trip. It's a jogging carriage designed to be pushed and carry a child. The swivel front wheels alone would be a nightmare. And how would you attach it to the bike?

Obviously, you probably haven't looked at the website for the trailers,

Check out the many features on the website. hope it will help you realize why I would like the trailer.  8)

look at the bike ride as a form of exercise, 10 miles a day cycling will turn into 20 miles a day, 20 miles a day will turn into 30 and so on

Thanks for all the great tips and advice.

I'll have to continue to follow this topic and gather all the great information from those that have offered suggestions and ideas, so that when I eventually do take the plunge and do a cycling tour I will know what I need to do.

For now, it will be getting use to riding again.  I do like the idea of for this. Setting daily mileage goals will help me focus on what I want to accomplish. I really want to work up to being able to ride longer distances and by starting small, may just be what I need to do. I think a good goal to work towards is to ride from St. George to Zion's National Park and back in a day. That would be a total of 88 miles round trip. If I could do that, it would be a great goal.

I would definitely use one of the current bikes that I have, and as time and money permits, would go with a recumbent trike. Here is a picture of one I would consider purchasing. It is made by KMX Carts.

It is a great trike. I think something like this coupled with a good trailer, would be a great asset for any touring enthusiast. Here is a picture of a particular trailer that would be great for hauling supplies on a cycling tour.  It is made by chariot, which I think are great trailers that are well built.

With all this, I think it is best to say, I have some great motivation to help me focus on getting into shape and obtaining my goal of eventually doing a cycle tour.  8)

I finally figured out how to load pictures, so I was able post pictures of my bikes.  8)

Thanks for the great feedback and information. I will need to do what I can to lose weight and then work on doing longer rides near where I live. I have included a couple pictures of the bikes I have.  8)

Here are pictures of the two bike I have.

Day 6 Bicycle - More comfortable to ride.

Cannondale F2000 - I use to ride this a lot more in previous years.

General Discussion / A desire to do a bicycle tour, but no motivation
« on: March 22, 2013, 04:17:06 pm »
To start off, I will have to say this. I have a dream of doing a bicycle tour around the US someday, just not sure how or when I would do it.

First of all, I am not in shape to ride long distances and in order to get into shape it will take me a lot of determination and motivation to do so.

Second, being a college student, I am not sure if I could afford it. Although, there might be a way to do it, I know I could do some research on being able to fund a bicycle tour.

Third, I am not comfortable with riding a standard diamond frame bicycle due to my weight. I would like to get a recumbent trike, which would be more comfortable to ride, just have the issues that people bring up about safety on the road with cars being able to see them.

Fourth, I know that my wife would support me with a decision to do a bicycle tour, it is just that she'd probably feel more at ease if there was a support vehicle, although, I think most of the fun it doing a bicycle tour would be the adventure itself and doing a self-supported tour would be more exciting and rewarding.

Fifth, also pertains to equipment, if I was to do a bicycle tour, I would definitely consider using some sort of trailer to haul gear with. The trailers I would probably use would be by chariot, The recumbent trike I would probably consider getting would be a XMR-cobra,

Another thing that I would have to consider is what do most people that go on long cycling tours do when it comes to food. Is it good to take the food necessary for a weeks’ time, or would I just plan on purchasing food along the way?

I know that this is a lot to think about. Just wanted to get some good solid advice from those of you who have done a cross country cycling tour. Any advice would be great  Whether it be about the choice of equipment, gear that would be good to include, and the best possible routes to take that have the less traffic.

Just to let others know I live in Southern Utah, St. George area. 

I hope to post more as I can. I also will see about posting a picture of the bikes that I currently have, one is a 1998 Cannondale Mountainbike F2000 and the other is a Day 6 bike, recumbent style bike.  8)

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