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Routes / Re: Pedal to the Midnight Sun info...
« on: January 16, 2013, 11:44:13 pm »

I'm not sure where the route is for the "Pedal to the Midnight Sun", but I live kinda next door in the Yukon. We also have a road that crosses the Arctic Circle. To give you an idea of temperatures, the ice usually breaks up on the Yukon River in Dawson City around the first week in May. The roads are pretty dry before that, but it's still fairly cold out in April, especially at night. By mid-May the daytime temperatures really pick up and even above the arctic circle you can expect quite warm weather. I checked the historical weather data for Old Crow, Yukon (above arctic circle) for 2010 and in late May 2010 the temperature got up to +28C. I can't remember anymore what that is in degrees F, but it must be in the 80's. Google the conversion.

I don't know much about roads or wind in Alaska, but if I was going to bike from Whitehorse to the Arctic Circle in Yukon, aiming to get there on the solctice, I'd probably go south to north and I'd leave in early June.

Good luck. Take bug spray.

Gear Talk / Re: Durability of Dry Bags?
« on: December 27, 2012, 11:29:23 am »
Thanks everyone.

Bogiesan, yeah I've taken a small umbrella on many backpacking trips and it's come in very handy. Thanks for the tip.

I live in the Yukon and (when it warms up in a few months) I will try a test-drive bike tour from Whitehorse, to Skagway, to Haines AK and return. I'll have a chance to see how a drybag holds up.


Gear Talk / Durability of Dry Bags?
« on: December 26, 2012, 06:56:04 pm »
I'm planning my first tour this coming summer and have a question about dry bags. I've done a lot of ultralight backpacking,  so I have most of the gear I'll need for a 1100km trip. Everything, including camping gear, clothes, tools and 2-days worth of food seems to fit nicely into a single 25 litre dry bag + a smallish handlebar bag.

I was wondering if people encounter problems with items wearing or rubbing through a dry bag when it's mounted on a rear rack? I'm just curious if things like tent poles are likely to wear thru the fabric if they happen to be too close to the metal tubes on a rack? Should I perhaps duct tape a little foam on top of the rack to reduce wear-points?

I will likely fix the dry bag on top of the rear rack with either shock cord or webbing with adjustable buckles. Any recommendations on securing a dry bag are also welcome.

Thanks for any advice.

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