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Routes / Re: Southern Tier Tour: Bubba Verus ACA Routes
« on: February 24, 2013, 06:27:54 pm »
Slower and Slower, thank you for your reply. You have brought up an excellent point. Does "be prepared" mean take plenty of extra food and water? I am not an experienced touring cyclist, would you please explain the extra measures that you would take if you were taking Bubba's desert route.

I understand that the US Border Patrol is very active in this area. So, even though this area is remote there should be a fair amount of passing traffic and people.  I posted on this board to get advise from experienced touring cyclists.  I am very glad to get all the advise that I can. Slower and Slower, if you think Bubba's route is too challenging for a newbie cycling tourist, please say so. Having a safe tour is the most important thing to me.

Routes / Southern Tier Tour: Bubba Verus ACA Routes
« on: February 23, 2013, 11:09:32 am »
I leave very shortly for the ACA Southern Tier Tour. I am thinking of altering the route, and I would welcome any advise. Bubba, who runs a well respected commercial tour, leaves San Diego then goes through Yuma AZ, Casa Grande AZ, Tuscon AZ, El Paso TX, and Marathon TX. Bubbas tour "rejoins" the ACA  Southern Tier Route around Kerrville TX. In other words, Bubba's route runs further south into the desert and hugs the Mexican border. The ACA route winds around in the mountains about 150 to 200 miles to the north. So:

Bubba's route appears to be considerably flatter than the same portion of the ACA route (maps 1 and 2).
Bubba's route covers lower ground than the ACA route. It might get very cold in the mountains in early March. Sure the mountains are pretty, but I am looking to minimize the amount of climbing I have to do early in the tour. Are there any reasons why I should not take "Bubba"s" route? Has anyone taken "Bubbas" route?

A lot of people tend to bicycle tour during the summer. During the summer, Bubba's desert route might be impossibly hot, and the ACA route in the mountains would be the way to go. But in March I think Bubba's route is the way to go. BTW, It got down to 20 F last night in Silver City, NM on the ACA route.

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