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Will absolutely try trip again.  It was just going to be a long weekend / partial route.  I'm in SLC so Idaho is really close: we can smell the Idaho fires in the air depending on how the wind blows. 

Didn't know about your other fire data.  Will look for that!  Thanks.

I appreciate the Adventure Cycling Route map showing the fire incidents.  However, the simple icon designation for "fire" doesn't adequately distinguish between big fires and little fires, in my opinion.  Thus, I still look at Inci to determine what I'm dealing with.  I've cancelled my trip to Idaho for this year.

The Pioneer Fire is currently the largest forest fire in the country, over 100,000 acres.  There are two fires with more acreage this fire season, but those were grassland fires.  The Rough Fire does also have area closures.

It would be great if the ACA map can sometime incorporate the outlines of the fire areas as served up by inciweb. :)

Maybe everyone knows already, but no posts about fire here:
There are one huge forest fire and a few smaller fires currently active on or near the IHSMBR, as of early August 2016.  The largest is the Pioneer Fire which is threatening Lowman - no Lowman cut-off right now.  At this writing, about 65,000 acres, with 1,500 personnel trying to put it out.

A more recent fire has started just west of Stanley - given prevailing winds that may affect the main route if it turns into something big.

I'm following fires in this area in prep for a possible September trip including sections of the route near Featherville / Smoky Mountains.  The Pioneer Fire has the possibility of disrupting my trip due to air quality if not actual burn area.

If you are planning bikepacking trips on IHSMBR (or elsewhere), you can check this website for fire reports:

You can use this site: to get a general sense of snowpack.  This is a satellite image on which you can see the earth in the last day or two, depending on cloud cover.  It does not show to the level of detail of roads, but you can certainly see whether a given mountain range still has snow on the peaks, and how much snow.  Try a date that's back a few weeks and you can see the changes. 

To find IHSMBR, I would probably zoom in on the Great Salt Lake (easy to see at national scale), then track north to find Craters of the Moon (you can see the lava flows) and then west to IHSMBR area.  You'll be able to pick out the White Clouds and other mountain ranges.  To use this tool, you do need to have a knowledge of the local topography.

Bike Clubs / Re: UTAH... A True Touring Club ! ! !
« on: April 06, 2013, 01:21:43 pm »
There's a reprise of the Utah Bicycle Touring Society -- in the form of a meet-up group that does both bikepacking and bicycle touring.

I moved to Utah in 2009, and, as I've heard it, the ongoing event of the Utah Bicycle Touring Society is a bicycle touring rendezvous normally held each June but sometimes with an August addition.  I've been to this event 3 times myself (2010, 2011, 2012).  With permission from the organizers, we are cross-posting this event to our Meet-Up group.

Our bike touring Meet-Up group has a couple organizers who are seeking to provide at least 1 bike overnight a month between March and November.  We may extend into the winter months but only if we have a cabin or yurt to stay in (something with heat!).  Most of our trips are camping (fully-loaded touring).  So far we have been doing more bikepacking than road touring, but we are interested in both. I've been road touring personally for over 10 years; bikepacking is new within the last year.

Please do look us up and join us if you are interested in bicycle touring or bikepacking in Utah!


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