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And the bad thing is most people think recumbents are slow some are but not all. Most people think they cant climb some can some cant. Most people seem to think you got to be old or have a physical disability to ride these .Most of us don't have no disability we ride them cause more comfortable and we can actually ride more miles on them cause we don't tire as easy plus they are seen more easily by motorist . Some clubs don't want us riding with them cause we are faster in the long run than they are. Yeah maybe able to sprint fast climb faster in the short term but we rule the long term that is why they use recumbents in the race across America instead of all df yeah sore riders ride df but not many most use low racers or swb rans rockets or similar . Don't rule out something if you have never tried it I used to be a die hard diamond framer but I started thinking and exploring different options. And yes I still ride my diamond frame but my bike of choice is my recumbent for touring longer distances but if I am going off road then I will use it.

Yes exactly that why I ride recumbents more than any bicycle :P ;)

General Discussion / Re: Numbness, Tingling and Loss of strength in hand
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:45:26 am »
I had the same problem on my diamond frame bikes mine was more bad in my elbows my whole hand would loose all feelings in them almost quit riding cause of it  so I switched to a recumbent tour easy and have yet to have that problem again and I have been riding it for about a year and a half . And yes I had a bike fit and didn't help. so the recumbent was the way to go.

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