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Pacific Northwest / Re: Anacortes - Concrete ?
« on: March 24, 2014, 04:16:40 pm »
Thanks again everyone. Looking forward immensely to my tour.

Pacific Northwest / Re: Anacortes - Concrete ?
« on: March 07, 2014, 07:54:40 pm »
No no smooth tarmacadum is my preference. I have to make haste when possible, as I only have 90 days in the usa before they kick me out! Dipping my toe into Canada and coming back in to usa doesn't reset the counter either. From your description the South Skagit Highway sounds lovely. I have been researching other peoples treks across country on and have been following a 70 year old Canadian who is heading off on 1st June. He appears to be going along route 20, without diverting. I was curious as to why the ACA route diverted, but you have done a fine job of explaining that for me. I think I will just stick to the ACA route in total. Once I cough up for the maps....

I appreciate your help and advice, thanks again.


Pacific Northwest / Re: Anacortes - Concrete ?
« on: March 07, 2014, 01:15:38 pm »
Thanks very much Mr N.  South it is then.

Pacific Northwest / Anacortes - Concrete ?
« on: March 07, 2014, 12:07:25 pm »
Greetings from Scotland. I have two quick questions re the ACA routing of the Northern Tier from Anacortes to Concrete. I have not as yet purchased the ACA maps, but will do so come pay day. My questions are:

Why does the ACA route head north out of Anacortes to Bay View and take back roads into Sedro Wooley, is it just nicer than the main road, route 20?

Exiting Sedro Wooley we are sent south and then along the S Skagit Hwy. Google maps bicycle option chooses to send us along the "Cascade Trail", which runs parallel to route 20. Which would you choose?

Thanks for any advice,



Thanks John. You may just have saved me a big disappointment. I would have headed out early June.

Greetings from Scotland.   I am hoping to come over to the States next year to cycle the Northern Tier. ( Anacortes to Boston) , finishing in Boston instead of Bar Harbor as my sister lives in Boston and could source me a bike box for the flight home. I am hoping for a bit more than 50 miles a day as I have to finish inside 3 months so I don't require a visa. But I can't start this until June as the " going to the sun " road is closed until 21 June. I'm not looking for a cycling buddy, as they could be a better or worse cyclist than I am and want to keep going or stop for the day when I don't…!!! or we may not get on for whatever reason. They may want to camp or get a hotel/motel when I want the opposite. So I figure just go myself and meet people along the route. I have read many blogs on and if you stay to the ACA route, northern tier, southern tier or transam route then you will meet loads of cyclists. Cycle with different ones for a few hours and then go your own way / pace. You would also have to find someone in your age bracket who had similar likes. Anyway, good luck and maybe I'll see you on the road…………..

General Discussion / Re: Touring the Canadian Maritimes in 2014
« on: November 11, 2013, 05:55:51 pm »
Greetings from Scotland,

My wife & I are exceptionally fond of Prince Edward Island, we holiday there every two years. I would love to do some cycling on the island.
That trip and the rest of your plans sound awesome, even if I haven't seen some of the places that you mention. I just know that it will be great. However, my BIG tour that I'm dreaming of at the moment is to cycle across the states. The Northern Tier......, maybe even get to dip my toe in Canada. All things going according to plan I hope to do that next year. Sorry I can't join you , but good luck.

General Discussion / Re: Northern Tier For Non Campers
« on: November 09, 2013, 09:50:58 am »
In the areas where you cannot get a hotel / motel, why not consider
This is an international group of people interested in meeting with cycle tourers who offer a bed in their home and sometimes a meal aswell. Worth a wee look to help you out if stuck for accomodation.
I'll be using their help next year when I cross the Northern Tier, west to east.

General Discussion / Re: Finding A Cross Country Biker
« on: November 02, 2013, 11:53:54 am »
Hi there, greetings from Scotland. I am a regular visitor to this website, but have just registered in order to answer your question. If you go to then put Renee in the search field at the top right, it comes up with two hits. I believe the second one, Renee Simmermon, is the young lady you seek, as she was in Christiansburg on Friday. Regards Dave L.

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