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Urban Cycling / Ocala Florida 32 miles on The Florida Greenway!
« on: May 15, 2015, 05:20:30 pm »
Great weekend biking and camping all along The Florida Greenway. 32 miles of trails Criss-Xing The Florida Trail West. There are great historical sites such as the old Florida Cross State Canal, Abandoned in the 1930's Or Explore Vortex Cave. Also crossing the Land Bridge is pretty cool. Santos has a great Mountain Bike Trail System, Campground, and a Pro Bike shop.
From Pruitt near Dunnellon to Marshall Swamp almost in Silver Springs totals about 32 miles of trails cut right through populated area's of Ocala in a strip of undeveloped woods about a mile wide. I think there are 3 campgrounds along these trails. Check out some video's on youtube made by a guy called Florida Trailblazer. to see some highlights.

I'm just getting everything together to make a few of these local trips.
Anyone else want to check it out?

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