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Food Talk / Tour of Bike.Camp.Cook
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:36:11 pm »
Might there be interest in forming a team of bicycle tourists who are as committed to working its way efficiently through an entire cook book, such as Tara Allen's Bike.Camp.Cook, as it is committed to traversing any particular geography?   

Thank you all for your replies.  I am inclined to follow HD Thoreau's advice thanks to you.  A man's wealth is directly proportional to the number of things he can leave alone.  Getting lost will be part of the journey, however welcome.   

I am planning to ride across the US this coming summer.   Last summer, while traveling east in Maine on the northern tier, I found that I needed to look at my map every mile or three, which was tiresome.  Might the eTrex 30 or another GPS unit make map checking less frequent/cumbersome?   
With thanks,  PH

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