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Gear Talk / Re: Looking for opinions on a cycling related project
« on: February 27, 2016, 06:58:15 pm »
Since many have been asking us about saddlebags, here is our take on the design. Introducing the Ziggie Saddlebag... ok, maybe that won't be the official name, but that's what we're calling it for the time being. What do you guys think? We've been told many times, that a handlebar bag is of little use for a pro cyclist, and since we had the saddle design in the works, we thought we should show you the prototype ASAP. Obviously it has a retro vibe going on, the leather is artificial of course.

Gear Talk / Re: Looking for opinions on a cycling related project
« on: February 24, 2016, 05:24:58 pm »
Just an update on the specs of the electronics: the LED is 150lm and the powerbank is 5000mAh. We're also thinking of making a solar panel for recharging the powerbank that you would attach with the straps.

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community and would like to introduce myself. Before you stop reading, NO, this is not a sales pitch. I'd simply like to hear your thoughts and opinions on a project my team and I have been working on. I have contacted the admin and he said it was ok for me to post this. Hope I'm not breaking any rules, like I said, this is not an advertisement.

My name is Ziga and I'm from Slovenia (EU). My friends and I are all cycling enthusiasts and we came up with the idea of recycling discarded bicycle inner tubes by using them to make bicycle bags.  As my name suggests, we call it the Ziggie Bag. Design-wise, we went for the type of bag that attaches to the handlebars, so you have it right in front of you at all times. We also added a spot to attach your smart phone and added a powerbank which you can use to recharge your phone or other electronic devices. I don't want to get to technical at this point, since the pictures and video tell most of the story.

What I would kindly like to ask you for are some opinions on our product, our landing page and our video. I'd like to hear your thoughts - the good, the bad, the ugly, we want to hear it all! Any suggestions on how to make our project better would also be much appreciated and I will gladly answer any questions you might have.

With the video we went for the first-person narrative approach – Ziggie Bag tells it's story. The video was shot in Ljubljana (capital city of Slovenia).

We wanted the landing page to be very simple and explain everything in as few words as possible. The layout is straightforward and there's a newsletter application form at the bottom.
We also have a Facebook page and a Pinterest page if you want to check out photos of the prototypes. We will be uploading more ASAP.

We plan to launch a crowdfunding campaingn next month (that's the plan anyway, we'll see how that goes) with a fairly modest goal. On a personal note I'd like to add that as much as we are all cycling enthusiasts, we also share a passion for promoting the importance of recycling and that is just as important to us as the business side of the project. I guess that mentality comes from our upbringing since Slovenia is a small country and therefore has limited natural resources. Either way, we'd like to make our project as appealing as possible. Oh, and a fun fact: Ljubljana is the European Green Capital 2016! Yay for us!
I hope to hear back from as many of you as possible! Thank you in advance!

P.S.: Feel free to move this post if this is the wrong board.

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