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Great Lakes / Re: New Bike Path in Michigan (Muskegon to Hart)
« on: February 01, 2022, 03:57:11 pm »
I came to the forums to find information about this section.  It appears the USBR diverges from the Adventure Cycling route and takes this new path.  I was sorry I didn't realize until after I had gone through the area.

Although the inland route isn't world class like the closed coastal route, I took it in 2017 and really enjoyed it.  You get an up close view of the "Salad Bowl of the World."

The recomended SB detour will not work as Nacimiento-Furgusson road has been closed since the Dolan fire last summer and has no scheduled opening date.   

The NB detour will work. 

For southbound travelers the detour used in 2017 would work.  (This is likely the current NB detour backwords)  I personally recomend using the 2017 SB detour but at the summit of Hwy 46 take Santa Rosa Creek Road into Cambria or, if you are in a hurry, taking Old Creek Road into Cayucos.

Has anyone recently taken a route other than the ACA detour between King City and Paso Robles?  I'm hoping to find an easier route to do that stretch in one day. Thanks

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