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I will do this. Thanks for letting me (and others) know how to advocate to improve the area for cyclists.

I finished my westbound Northern Tier ride last week (7/29) and am posting the detours I used here in case it is helpful to folks.
At the time there was a closure on SR 20 west of Colville, so I detoured over Flowery Trail Pass. ( As you can see in my Strava post, I turned off of SR 20 in Dalkena and then took some unpaved roads through national forest (middle fork road, Bartlett road). If I could do it again (though I believe that closure is now open), I would instead stay on SR 20 until Usk so that I could ride paved roads all the way up the pass. I took Flowery Trail Pass road to Chewela, and then rode up to Colville on 395 to rejoin the NT route.
My second detour was because of the SR 20 closure near Winthrop/Mazama.
I stayed on the route through Omak. Instead of continuing on SR 20, I headed south on 97. 97 was a bit busy with traffic but had a nice shoulder and was a beautiful ride.
I got a ride down part of 97/Rt 2 from Orondo to Leavenworth, and from the car it looked like there continued to be a good shoulder but lots more traffic (at one point Rt 2 is six lanes across freeway)
I got some much needed repairs in Cashmere at Downtown Bike; they were incredibly helpful and speedy knowing I was on a tour (and trying to get off the road in time to catch an Olympic event on TV haha).
The ride from Leavenworth to Skykomish was also very nice along Rt 2, though the shoulder was less consistent. There is water at Steven’s Pass. We rode early in the morning so there was less traffic but I can imagine some of the curves would be harrowing with more cars on the road. On the descent from Steven’s Pass down to Skykomish we took Old Cascade Highway for the two stretches where it parallels 2 and it was one of my favorite short stretches of the whole trip! So beautiful and no traffic compared to 2.
The last day we rode from Skykomish to Mukilteo which was a beautiful place to finish with a beach, public restroom, views of Mt Baker, and a few places to get ice cream and food.
I am posting my route here on Strava for that last day. ( We tried to get off 2 as soon as we could because by this point there was almost no shoulder and tons of traffic. Both Old Owen Road and Lowell Snohomish River Road were perfect riding roads with very low traffic.
Happy to answer any questions for folks considering these detours.
Take care,

Routes / Re: Weather concerns for fall cross country?
« on: September 09, 2016, 09:00:13 am »
Thanks to all for your responses! Very informative and helpful in deciding when to do my tour. Probably will shoot for a littler earlier in the season than September.

Routes / Weather concerns for fall cross country?
« on: August 26, 2016, 10:55:42 am »
I want to start across the country, east to west, in September. I will be self-supported, and camping some, hopefully minimizing costs by doing so. My route will be DC -> Chicago -> Denver -> SLC -> SF, so I will be piecing together different routes to make it. If you have done these areas during the fall, please let me know what type of weather/wind you encountered. What would be considered the ideal time of year for this route?
Any advice on this route would be very helpful!

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