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General Discussion / [Video] UK & France Bicycle Tour - 4k Scenery :)
« on: October 04, 2018, 10:16:38 am »
Hi all, if you're interested I have just edited a 4k video of this years bicycle tour in France (below);

The route went via London, Reading, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, St Malo, St Breuic, Lannion, Moralix and Roscoff.

I followed sustrans cycle network routes in the UK, and Eurovelo 4 in france. The route along the french coast I would highly recommend (if your okay with hills)!

If you had any questions I'd happily answer them


General Discussion / [Video] - London to York - Bicycle adventure
« on: September 14, 2018, 08:15:00 am »
Hi people, if interested I've uploaded a 4k scenery video of my London to York bicycle ride, in the UK.

The route went via; Bedford, Peterborough, Lincoln, Hull and York. Some interesting cities.

Originally was hoping to get to Edinburgh but due to a migraine I had to end in York but was a nice place to finish at :)

I'm happy to answer any questions if you had any,
Cheers & hope you like the vid. Robert

Excellent video and very well done but in serious need of more captions for the various locations and historical sites and sights.

My wife and I just returned from a 10-day driving trip through Ireland and fully agree it's a great place it is to visit.  Too bad you didn't get to Dingle as it would have been a great ride down the peninsula and the town is really charming.

Thank you, that's another good suggestion. I did consider putting more captions on while I was making the video, not sure why I didn't now. Makes more sense thinking on it.

And  cool hope you enjoyed your trip to Ireland. And yes dingle would have been great but still had a great tour.

Cheers. Rob.

Nice video.  My favorite bike tour videos include narration.  More work for the videographer, if done after the fact, but more meaningful to those of us who weren't on the tour.   

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Thanks man, that's a good suggestion.  I've never done any narrations so I probably should try it sometime and see how I handle it.

But I think with the music I used it might have been difficult to narrate over it especially over wales as the music is quite pounding.. so would have had to go for different music

Will try it next time. Cheers. Rob.


If anyone happens to be interested, I've edited a little video of myself cycling from London to Cork in Ireland.

The tour went through; London, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Fishguard, -Ireland - Rosslare Harbour, Waterford and Cork.

I followed the new Eurovelo cycle route 1 through Ireland and NCN route 4 on the UK side. Really enjoyed the trip, definitely was my favorite tour I've cycled. Met some really great people and followed the coast most of the way which had some nice sights.

I mainly tried to focus on filming scenery and stuff, so I hope you enjoy the video if your interested.

The plan was to get to the west coast of Ireland to a popular town called Dingle, but the forecast was all rain so ended in Ireland's 2nd biggest city, Cork.

Hope it's ok to share this video on here. & Happy to answer any questions. 

Cheers and happy touring,

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