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Gear Talk / Re: Recommendations for thermometers?
« on: April 03, 2017, 10:01:28 pm »
I just used a meat thermometer on my last tour.  I stuck it down in my feed bag.  It's very fast to get to the temp, accurate, easy to read on the fly, doesn't cost much (free from the kitchen).  Much better than the zipper ones.  Mine also has a cover with a clip for a pocket.  Not sure if that would affect the temp.  Probably not once it acclimated.  Doesn't do high/low of course but I'm usually riding in the highs so I can just read it.  And, the low, as others have said are usually near dawn which is about the time I wake up.  YMMV  I tried to attach a file but it isn't showing up in the preview??

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