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We scouted the route from Featherville to the slide area this past weekend. After hearing the storeowner encourage riders to take an alternate route around the slide. So here is my take on the slide take it for what it’s worth. We scouted it for a MT Bike race that occurs later in the year through the area.  If you are fit enough to ride this route I have to believe that you are fit enough to push your bike through this slide area that is roughly 1/3 of a mile in duration. Getting to Featherville I can’t imagine riding out of the canyon to take an alternative route through a hot and exposed area to bypass this slide.

It wont be easy and there are 2 trees across the trail that will need to be gone around. I would not do this in the dark and if you have other shoe’s than cycling cleats it would help. It took us 13 minutes to cross the slide without our bikes. I have attached a few videos for your review. If it took me an hour to cross this section which it will not, I would not use an alternative route. Enjoy the videos; it was a hot day as they usually are this time of year in Idaho.,atch?v=itTHqTA2gDw&

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