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Yes, we were told by the butte area ranger office that s of Butte was closed. But call them. All of our plans changed when we were told we couldn't pass S. I'd call. Would be bummed if our plans changed for no reason.

@janeshearer I do not know and I am sorry. Looking at the ACA maps it doesn't look like there is.  On Monday the 11 we will be driving back to Butte and from there driving to Cheyenne, WY. Post here if you are in need of transport. We can try to help and exchange contact info. My name is RC and my partners name is Katie.

Update: our plan had been to rent a car and drive to Butte and continue S of fire closure however after speaking with the Butte Ranger Disttict a fire closed the GDMBR south of Butte. The rangers suggestted starting in Polaris and heading S and that even Polaris and S the air quality is very poor. Those traveling will have to find alt route from Butte to polaris. Or at thevery least Butte to S of wise river. S of wise river is all pavement. Not sure of the road status. Butte ranger district: 406-494-2147.

Was just turning into the Smith-Dorian Spray road at11:30am Local Time. Was informed by a conservation officer that all trails SOuth of Elk pass are closed. All BC national/provincial parks are closed due to fires. We will be seaking transport via car/bus/train to southern MT, as that will be the closest area where the GDMBR will be reliabaly passable. Difficult to find more info, so that's all I got. Wish us luck!!

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