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and my Family is from Scranton, PA and Hawley

And you are lucky!

I am a member of the gun club in Hawley, these are wonderful kind and friendly people.

 We meet at the shooting range near Hawley, usually on weekends, and we can spend the whole day there.

Everyone wants to brag about their favorite weapons, tell his story and discuss the history of other guns.

General Discussion / Re: border crossing
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:46:24 pm »
Anyone have negative experience crossing back into the US near North Troy, VT?

I was returning from Quebec City through Vermont. Not on a bicycle, but on a motorcycle. Yes, I was carefully checked at the customs, but motorcyclists are always carefully checked.

General Discussion / Re: e-thical issue
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:42:20 pm »
On an e-bike, would I be a pariah along the route?

Of course not.

Only I do not understand how you're going to charge your battery every 20 miles.

I have an electric scooter, which I made from a "Puch" moped. But it's only good going to the store for shopping, not for long trips.

I had a heart operation for recurring arrhythmias in 2004. My doctor confidently said that the bicycle works well on the muscles of the heart, if you do not overexert them too much.

So if you do not try to travel 60 miles every day, but only 35-40, then perhaps you'd better ride an ordinary bike to train your heart muscles.

To my regret, I do not see many cyclists in the upper reaches of Delaware.

Although there is even a specialized bicycle resort in the village of Glen Spey.

Road 97 (NY) runs along the river bank from Hancock itself, to Port Jervis, and then you can take the road 209 (PA) from Milford to Stroudsburg (delaware water gap).

It is about 80 miles of magnificent views.

Two days tour of the weekend, average complexity.

then ride to Scranton, PA to Start a loop of the Pocono Mountains and North Western New Jersey..

I live in very beautiful places just 12 miles from the western border of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. And, of course, I know this area pretty well.

From Scranton to NJ, I would return on Route 6, although this is a big hook, but the road is very picturesque and wide, with a great shoulder. You will pass by the largest lake in Pennsylvania.

At 30 I went on a fairly long bicycle trips, completely without thinking about the equipment, food and hygiene.

At 35 I began riding with my two children, one of whom was 5 years old, and the other 11.

The younger one did not have yet his own bicycle and he was traveling with me on a small stool on the frame.

When my son was 6, and my daughter was 12, I took them to the farthest our journey, along the coast of the Crimea.

Children's bicycles did not have gears, but they bravely pedaled along the mountain roads of the Crimean peninsula.

Bicycles made in the USSR, were significantly worse than the current made in China, and all the time something was broken, and to buy spare parts was impossible.

I had to use steel wire and brain savvy, how to fix a fallen off pedal, for example.

Nevertheless, we traveled happily and were very happy with the adventure.

I don’t carry anything cotton or fleece, but I’m more weight-sensitive than you are.

I understand this, but it's important for me to sleep well and I do not want to turn my life into a test for strength.

I already had a lot of time to test myself and find out what I am.

For me, this should not be a journey, but a tourist trip to the country's priceless places.

(I'm sorry, but this Google translator is so pompously corrects my text). :-[

You are in the right place on the right Forum looking for information about long-distance bicycle touring.

What is Goering?

My translator wrote for me the name of the Hitlerite minister. ;D

I take all your advice with great attention and gratitude.

This trip should be a new stage in my life.

The clothes of a bicyclist.

Usually, I ride in synthetic clothes and change clothes for the night in cotton or fleece.

I'm interested in what you do, people who have more experience than I in distant cycling.

carrying a firearm with him for protection.

Еxactly  right.

Since, most of my life I lived in a socialist country where my human and citizen rights were infringed, I very much care for the 2 amendments to the US Constitution.

I am very disgusted that some states and some cities have introduced illegal acts on the possession of weapons.

I simply haven't ever needed one.

Me too.

But I asked if we can, carry weapons legally. This is a theoretical question.

Aha. But can we, cyclists, also have the right to carry a legal weapon in our luggage?

I wonder how the drivers of large trucks bypass these rules? I know that almost all of them have a shotgun or pistol in the cockpit.

And this isn't Russia...

Thank God!

I, too, had no problems during cycling or motorcycle travel on the United States.

But my former son-in-law was robbed when he stopped to rest in a park in Texas.

Sometimes I have an idea to take a revolver with me to the road, which I bought in Alaska, in the hope of defending myself from the bears. ;D

I have the permit of the State of NY to conceal the carrying of weapons, but, unfortunately, far from all the rest of the states respect this permission.

I have cycled about 35,000--40,000 miles through 19 countries,

Very envious ...

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