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Update - ROAD IS NOW OPEN AGAIN - Bridge work is now complete and road closed signs and barricades have now been removed.

Update - the road is now closed and the construction work begun on the bridge.

Yes the suggested detour is on paved roads with little traffic - roads I enjoy riding on actually!
Some roads in the area are rough gravel which is part of why I wanted to inform ACA riders.

County road 600 N will be closed for bridge construction in Indiana between Denver and Lagro just east of the town of Chili.
The bridge is located at approximately 390 E on 600 N in Miami County, Indiana.
Signs posted indicate road will be closed starting on or after May 29th, 2018.
I live on 600 N near the bridge and will post updates when the closure actually begins and when it is open again.
The following route is a good detour around this section of road using county roads 700 N and 580 E (Paw Paw Pike).

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