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Corridor 35 Implementation / Route comparison to LMB Shore Line Route
« on: March 31, 2010, 07:59:19 am »
Kerry Irons
Adventure Cycling Association

3-30-10 evaluation of LMB Shore Line maps vs. USBR-35 draft Google maps (south to north):
. Route uses McCracken to Lakeshore in Muskegon, LMB uses Lincoln/Sherman/Beach/Lakeshore Dr.
. Route uses Hart-Montague trail.  LMB uses shore roads out of Montague (Cook, Old Channel Trl,, Hancock, Lehman, Elers, Chase Rd, Meinert Rd, Lehman/48th Ave)  to B-15 and by-passes Hart.  LMB has Hart-Montague Trail option which is 35 miles shorter.
. Route uses Harrison/8th/64th/Wayne from Hart to Pentwater. LMB uses 72nd to Monroe.
. Route uses James St. in Ludington, LMB uses Washington.  City of Ludington recommends Rath Ave.  Route uses Ludington Ave (US-10).  City says too much traffic.  Route uses Lakeshore to Jagger to Jebavy.  LMB uses Lakeshort to Dewey to Jebavy.  USBR-20 uses Tinkham to Jebavy.
. Route uses Maple into Manistee, LMB uses County Line Rd, Red Apple, Cherry, 1st St.
. Route uses Forest Ave/7th/Main St/Michigan Ave. to M-22 in Frankfort. (Why not Main St from Lake St. instead of routing on M-115?)  LMB uses 11th/James St. to M-22 (goes to school for camping).
. Route uses CR 614/E. Cherry Bend Rd/CR 633 into Traverse City.  LMB uses CR 616/E. Hoxie Rd/E. Grandview Rd.
. Route uses US31/Front St/Munson Ave. in Traverse City.  LMB uses TART trail plus Washington St/Garfield Ave/Civic Center Dr/Eeigth St/Hastings St.
through Traverse City to Bunker Hill Rd.
. Route uses US-31/Brackett Rd/CR 605 (Elk Lake Rd) from Traverse City to Elk Rapids.  LMB uses Bunker Hill Rd/bike path/Bates/Sayler/Yuba/Angell/Munro/Townline/Elk Lake Rds to Elk Rapids/ . Route uses Lake/Iroquois/Ames St/Cairn Hwy/Quarer Line Rd/O'Dell Rd/Joe Marks Trail/Birchview Dr/Golden Beach Rd./San Marion Trl from Elk Rapids to Torch Lake.  LMB uses River St/Dexter St/N. Bayshore Rd/Williams Rd/Cairn Hwy/Indian Rd/West Torch Lake Rd/Barnes Rd/US-31.
. Route uses Barnard Rd to enter Charlevoix.  LMB turns off Barnard Rd. to Ferry Rd/Black Rd/Marion Center Rd.
. Route uses US-31 in Charlevoix south of the bridge.  LMB uses Stover/Ferry Ave/Belvedere from M-66.
. Route uses only M-119 from Harbor Springs to Good Hart.  LMB uses Lake St/Lake Rd in Harbor Springs and Lower Shore Dr for part of the distance.
. Route uses Lakeside Dr/Dujauncy St in Mackinaw City.  LMB stays on Central Ave.

Corridor 35 Implementation / Re: Nominate a Bicycle Shop along USBR 35
« on: March 30, 2010, 03:28:03 pm »
Rock n Road Cycle
315 Broadway
South Haven, MI 49090

Corridor 35 Implementation / GPS navigation file, gpx format
« on: March 29, 2010, 06:37:08 am »
Below is a navigation file in gpx format, for use with GPS navigation systems.  Other formats are available by request, such as Garmin, Lowrance, etc.  If it is on this list,, I should be able to convert it.  Ask in this thread and/or message me to get the format you need.

Alternatively, unzip the kmx file (Google Earth) and use the free software gpsbabel to convert on your own.

I recommend adding a short statement of purpose to the mission statement:

"The Michigan segment of US Bicycle Route 35 will stretch from New Buffalo on the Michigan/Indiana line north along the Lake Michigan coastline, crossing the Straits of Mackinac to Sault Ste Marie in the Upper Peninsula.  Along the way this scenic route will pass through lively and fun beach, harbor and tourist towns, and tranquil farmlands and forests.  The purpose of the route is to showcase natural features, bring riders to interesting areas and provide an enjoyable riding experience.”


I recommend that we add Mackinac Island as a Destination along the route.  The complete list of Destinations through which the route must pass is currently as follows:

Sault Ste. Marie
St. Ignace
Mackinac Island
Mackinaw City
Traverse City
Grand Haven
South Haven
Benton Harbor
St. Joseph
New Buffalo

Corridor 35 Implementation / Re: Google Earth file
« on: March 27, 2010, 06:55:41 pm »
If you have a recent version of Google Earth, you can do a Tour, which is an animated flyover of the route. 

First, update to the most recent version of Google Earth.
In the left box under Places, find Michigan_US_Bicycle_Route_35_ (plus date)
If it has a round ball next to it, click on the small arrow to the left of the filename.
The filename should show up again under the original filename, and it should have three dots with a line to the left of it.
Highlight this filename by clicking on it.
At the bottom right of the Places box is a small button with three dots and a line in it. 
Click on the button and the tour should start.

You can adjust the speed, angle and altitude by going to the top bar of Google and clicking on Tools>Options.
Go to the Touring Tab.
Under "When creating a tour from a line", I recommend moving the Camera Range and Speed slider buttons all the way to the right. 
You can try different values for Camera Tilt Angle and see what you like.  60 seems to work.
On my computer, the tour runs for 68 minutes at these settings.

Corridor 35 Implementation / Google Earth file
« on: March 27, 2010, 06:42:44 pm »

To use the above file on Google Earth:
Right click and save somewhere on your computer.
Open Google Earth.
Navigate to where you saved the file
Select the file, click on Open

The route is the thin blue line along Lake Michigan.  You can zoom in and see the part of the route you are interested in.

The Michigan USBR 35 file will be located under Temporary Places in the left box.
To save it so it will be available the next time you run Google Earth, highlight the filename, right click and Save to My Places.

There are a few changes that have been made to this route file that are different from the Google Maps versions as of this date.
This file anticipates that the route will be changed so that north of Holland, it follows Butternut Ave. rather than heading out to Holland State Park and following Lakeshore Drive.
Approaching Harbor Springs, the route leaves the bicycle trail at Beach Drive and enters Harbor Springs near the waterfront.  This route needs to be checked for suitability.

Corridor 35 Implementation / Nominate a Bicycle Shop along USBR 35
« on: March 27, 2010, 06:20:54 pm »
We would like to put together a list of bicycle shops along USBR 35.  As we work on getting a GIS file together for route navigation, we would like to add bicycle shops to the info in the navigation file.  Please nominate a bicycle shop along USBR 35 using the following format:

City, State ZIP


Cross Country Cycle
345 Douglas Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

Note that the file that we submit to MDOT for approval will have only the route data on it, but once it is approved, we want to put together a navigation file that includes bike shops, lodging, camping, groceries, brewpubs and other services along the route.  Generally we are interested in businesses located with in a mile or two of the route, but we might be flexible.   In this thread, please post ONLY bike shops.

Corridor 35 Implementation / Request For Comments: Draft Route Maps
« on: March 24, 2010, 08:24:41 am »
A series of draft route maps has been prepared for the Michigan section of USBR 35.  This draft is preliminary and we would like to improve it with your help.

Your comments are requested on the proposed route.

Please comment either in this forum or on the Google Map comment box on the page to which your comments apply.

The maps may be viewed here:

Thank you for your interest!

Corridor 35 Implementation / Re: Agenda Item 2, USBR 35 Mission Statement
« on: February 26, 2010, 01:51:49 pm »
Since our route now crosses the Straights of Mackinac to Mackinac Island and St. Ignace, the mission statement should be amended to read as follows:

The Michigan segment of US Bicycle Route 35 will stretch from New Buffalo on the Michigan/Indiana line north along the Lake Michigan coastline, crossing the Straits of Mackinac to Sault Ste Marie in the Upper Peninsula.  Along the way this scenic route will pass through lively and fun beach, harbor and tourist towns, and tranquil farmlands and forests.”

Drews Camping, Port Sheldon? St., Holland
Jellystone Camp, Lake Michigan Drive, Grand Haven
Grand Haven State Park, Grand Haven
Conestoga Grand River Campground, 56th Ave., Coopersville
PJ Hoffmaster State Park, Fruitport
Muskegon State Park, North Muskegon
Lake Sch-nepp-a-Ho, North Muskegon
Jerry's Campground, Montague
White River Campground, Montague

Warren Dunes State Park, Bridgman
Benton Harbor/St. Joseph KOA, Riverside
Dune Lake Campground, Coloma
Covert Township Park, Covert
Van Buren State Park, South Haven
Jensens Campground, North Shore Drive, South Haven
Cousins Campground, North Shore Drive, South Haven
Singing Sands, South Haven
Ely Lake Campground, 116th St, Fennville
Swan Lake Campground, 44th St, Allegan
Holland State Park, Ottawa Beach Road, Holland
Oak Grove Resort Campgrounds, Ottawa Beach Road, Holland
Dutch Treat Camping, Zeeland

SS Keewatin Steamship Tour, Saugatuck
Friends Goodwill Tall Ship Tour, South Haven
De Zwaan Windmill, Holland

List campgrounds along the Michigan USBR 35 route, to be included in the map.

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