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I just rode from Tacoma to Portland, using much of the STP route.  The Longview Bridge (Lewis and Clark) over the Columbia is a real hazard.  There is a small shoulder, but is covered in rock and gravel with pieces of wood from all the logging trucks.  I called Uptown Taxi 360 577 8294.  They were busy so it took an hour for pickup.  They use town cars, so I had to take the wheels off my bike to fit.  $10 fare across the river was a bargain.  It's legal to ride the bridge and you may live through the experience, but it didn't look safe to me.  The highway 30 to Portland, has an adequate shoulder, but it's covered in debris until the Portland city limits.  Lots of truck traffic, not the most pleasant ride.  I will send a request to OR and WA DOT asking for street sweeping. 

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