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July 1st, 2020 update from the Forest Service.  Explicitly mentions bicycles not be permitted and calls out that they are irked that some have gone through.  Also, mentions weekday closures near Worswick Hot Springs.

Hopefully the Skeleton Creek route will work out even though that update mentions that road 012 will also be closed for construction with limited times to get by (and the Skeleton Creek trail bypass I have uses that road to return to 227. 

It's gonna make for an adventure.

Poi Dog

We're starting a CC loop of the bottom portion of the route (using the Lowman Cuttoff) from Ketchum this weekend.  I was reading a blog ( about this route.  Brian mentions using Skeleton Creek Trail (Trail #024) up to Little Skeleton Creek Trail to forest service road 014 to 011 that has bridge over the South Fork then over Fleck Summit down to Smoky Bar.   When I look at this on Google Maps and on topo maps, this appears to be a very rideable route.

Any locals have info on the Skeleton Creek (024) and Little Skeleton Creek trails?  Rideable?  Too exposed? It's difficult to tell from Google Earth, but they look good.  And it looks like a good, short bypass of the construction site.  Thanks for any insights.

Poi Dog

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