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I biked from Seattle to Kooskia last year(2022) and then on the trans am. I took the Beverly bridge to cross the Columbia and then on through Othello, Washtucna, to Pomeroy and on to Lewiston. Highwayn12 up the Clearwater from Lewiston to kooskia is horrible. I used to live in Idaho and had been on that road many times but not on a bike. By the time i got to Riggins i would have paid somebody to drive me to Kamiah. Ther was no shoulder in many spots and the white line as just painted on the gravel along the road it was that bad. It was June so lots of boat traffic and fisherman fishing for salmon and tons of truck traffic. It was part of the adventure but i would not want to do it again. Have fun be safe on that stretch.

General Discussion / Re: Seattle to Boulder Tour :)
« on: February 10, 2023, 04:17:51 pm »
MC the route you posted is pretty much the route I took this past summer on my trip from Seattle to Illinois. I did not cross Cameron pass from Walden, just did the TA route. As for SLC i lived in Southern Idaho for the las 26 years and i really don’t know of any bike friendly routes from the north.  One thing i would suggest in not to take highway 12 from Lewiston Idaho to Kooskia Idaho to get on the TA bike route. It is a horrible road, pretty ride up the
Clearwater river but lots of truck traffic and NO shoulder. The white line was actually painted on the gravel oolong side of the road where the road shoulder was broken away. By the time i got to Orofino i would have payed somebody to get me off that road, and i used to fish there quite a bit but on a bike it is a nightmare. I left Seattle on June 10 and had no trouble with snow on any pass I encountered.

General Discussion / Re: Southern Illinois Gravel Ride (video)
« on: April 09, 2021, 01:14:12 am »
Paul great video. I know all to well about the secret little spots in the Shawnee. I grew just a few miles from Grand Tower and loved living in So.Ill. I now live in Alaska but all of my family still lives there.  Hope to do a bike trip in the future back. Thanks for the great video.

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