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Gear Talk / padded shorts vs padded saddle - newbie here so go easy on me!
« on: February 03, 2021, 02:54:40 pm »
I am new to cycling and would like to work up to 100 miles a day so I can do some trips on the Rails to trails across the US. As a casual cycler, I never wore padded shorts in the past. I've received advice that to be able to ride 100 miles I must buy padded shorts. Every pair I've tried on have been very uncomfortable to walk around in and ride in. I wear XS and it seems like the padding is the same width for all size clothing. I also prefer to wear sun protective performance pants as I'm fair skinned and don't want to put on suncreen. Most padded pants I've found our design for winter and far to warm for a Floridian. Has anyone found a seat that provides the same level of comfort and been able to avoid padded pants?

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