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Danny -  DRH here.  Same offer as to Jeremy.  We live in central Phoenix next to the AZ Canal on the S. Tier route.  Let me know a day or two in advance if you need a place one night.  6   0.  2 On Warm showers 5.  7.  6 David Hicks. 5  xxx4 xxx  0 xxx    8

Jeremy- DRH here.  My home is in the middle of Phoenix along the S Tier route.  Let me know if you need a place to stay a night .

To my way of thinking, changing the Southern Tier route isn't a plus for cyclists.  The planned reroute is giving up an enjoyable scenic and peaceful, less traveled path opting instead for many, many miles on Interstate 8 and then over 30 miles on busy State Route  85 between Gila Bend and Buckeye, AZ.
 Riding the existing Southern Tier, I enjoyed the challenging stretch from Brawley, CA. to I-10 especially the sand dunes near Glamis.  Then, before leaving California, Blythe was touring cyclist welcome with its grocery stores and best of all inexpensive motels. 
Across the Colorado River it's into Arizona and winter RV oasis Quartzsite and a few miles later onto highway 60.  The next 80 miles to Wickenburg is pleasure riding, peaceful with long distance views passing through several small communities including Hope, Salome, and Aguila. 
After Wickenburg, state highway 74  to the far north Phoenix area offers a good shoulder through one of the most colorful springtime wildflower displays in the southwest. 
The current Southern Tier route from El Centro to the Phoenix area is truly "adventure cycling".  Heck, I've enjoyed reliving it by writing the few words above. 
I hope more route analysis goes into the existing Southern Tier route before changing it.

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